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European Healthcare Business

Russian investors, interested in pharmaceutical and medical assets, acquiring more targets in Western Europe more and more Russian investors and Pharma companies are interested in Western European healthcare and Pharma / OTC targets. Nowadays the CIS and CEE pharmaceutical markets develop very well, mostly above 15-17%. However the markets are still dominated by more than 80% of imported products from Western Europe, Asia and the U.S. will this change? Will what change? We at Chameleon Pharma consulting notice that more and more Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Kazak investors and Pharma cooperations are interested to acquire healthcare or pharmaceutical products and companies in Western Europe. Some players like the Slovenian KRKA group have already made a move towards ‘west’ some years ago. They bought the German pharmaceutical company TAD in the North of the country.

Others Russian investors are currently on “a pharmaceutical & medical company target shopping tour” in Europe. However Russian investors seam to be “slow movers” to invest into medical or pharmaceutical companies in Europe. This may happen due to the lack of market knowledge or other reasons. “Howerver find investments in Europe could definitely bring innovative products and techniques to the Russian healthcare market and investors could benefit from long term stable profits, say Reiner Christensen, the CEO of Chameleon Pharma consulting. “We, Chameleon Pharma consulting, had many interesting discussions with Russian investors during last months but Russian players need to be quicker in the diligence execution”, says Andreas Masel, the Pharma of Chameleon Pharma consulting veteran. US and Asian investors seem to be faster so far to decide on innovative healthcare investments in Europe and thus earn the advantages from these smart steps. Andreas Masel adds, “I would recommend Russian investors, interested in pharmaceutical and medical assets, balancing their portfolio and acquiring more targets in Western Europe. This could also bring good technologies to the CIS & CEE markets.”

Business Management Software

Accounting, billing and project management software fairly complete online, specifically designed to keep the simplicity of these tasks and thinking of online billing. The basic package is free and is purchased making an inscription that takes less than a minute. Allows you to add products, services, project management and tracking, creation of quotes and even the import of databases. For small and medium-sized enterprises, have a specialized program of accounting and billing can be an investment of considerable cost, but thanks to the resources offered by the network, applications like this, which offers a free solution or appear low cost to meet the needs of such companies. Today I want to share with you the information I’ve collected these days about project management tools (for van de guays, project management). Is that in my team has emerged the need to manage once and damn, if only by above, what we intended to do and deadlines and priorities with those who are going to do every thing. Come on, that kind of schedules that are common sense, but in the Spanish companies only made as obligation, and often with the sole intention of offering dates of delivery to the commercial, but not because it is aware of how important that is.

In this new website you can know in depth all the features and functionalities of this medical management software specially developed for companies who manage works or develop projects in different phases, for example: consulting firms, engineering companies, development companies put also at your disposal download in .pdf of all the specific characteristics of management system as well as a product file. The Software for the management of CRM projects, includes the management and control of work, planning of human and material resources, the possibility of knowing in time real the deviation arising from the execution of works, the control of the working parties of the different resources that form part, know the costs and benefits associated with the project, and may carry out budgets adjusted without deviations and being able to check a source among other features. You have the possibility of displaying several different languages, among which are the Spanish, and its use is very simple, since you customize several functions, with AIDS and examples to the specific adjustments required by each company. However, for packages with more functionality versions exist you pay with different rates, depending on the needs that are required to meet.