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A moment ago I stood in a purified water business, the kind that have proliferated in Mexico, which are small water-purifying with local coverage, almost one or two colonies. Well, before going to another cleansing that is like 5 blocks from the latter to visit a while ago. On arrival the first thing I get is a lovely lady with a BIG smile on your face and warm greetings, followed by this, take our bottles and carefully starts to wash, to disinfect and fill all this with the most stringent control hygiene. After performing his work, he asks “Is the first time they come? My wife and I said yes. And she very politely informed us about the process of cleansing and security with which we have to drink your water.

And just before retiring he says “I am delighted to visit us, hope you like the water and the hope here.” In WOW I retie, if so looking at all the employees to their customers this and any other country to do so would be the best in the world. And I knew this lady was owner, because I saw a laboratory certificate on behalf of a woman and that woman was assumed that we were seeing. By going the way home I ask how is it that makes a business owner meets the customers 100% as opposed to an employee in most of the time is below the standard of quality of care the owner? And what came to mind was the following: The owner of the company, is the owner “obvious”, and is working to have a profitable business, we can say that is investing an employee only sees the business owner as more work. The failure of the business owner to not only lose their source of income but it also has made the investment in it. The employee only loses his source of income and find another. What if an employee can work, must invest a sum of money?, Depending on the type of work that is, the higher the income and development potential, the greater the investment that would have to make the employee. The employee would achieve this, first think very well if this is the job that you want to be, second serve at 100% for the risk of losing the initial investment. What would happen if the initial investment is converted into shares after two or three years of seniority in the job? Could he this that Wt employees feel more committed to their work? Can I not this idea to improve the rate of employee turnover? Will it give confidence to business owners to invest in their employees cpacitacion? Will it make business more competitive? I think this a good idea must be studied more thoroughly, and I think something good can come of this idea. Visit my website for you to leave me your comments and tell me what you think.

East Does Not Meet West

The differences between East and West are many. One of them has been pointed out by Professor DT Suzuki through a literary example: the English poet A. In recent months, Jeffrey L. Bewkes has been very successful. Tennyson has a rose in front she wanted to get their mystery and create wrenching. The Japanese poet Matsuo Basho also is facing a flower and feel the breath of its mystery but with watching lost in the confines of the field. We are not Japanese, so we can cut the flowers and show them off where we see fit.

And sell that do not have time to grow a garden. It is a business of flavors, totally innocent side of the trade of those who resort to cheating to ensure the success of their businesses. And though the unbelievers think otherwise, the business of flowers is yielding. The proof is that many Latin American countries, primarily Colombia-export them in large quantities. Bolivia has also joined that group gallant. For some time an association of growers come to Miami with bouquets of roses to help Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day (or Valentine’s Day).

It is at least curious that the countries taken by drug producers also export flowers to the nation that accuses them of being too permissive with regard to narcotics. (Some years ago the United States interrupted the entry of roses from Colombia in retaliation for the alleged complicity of the authorities, which would have prevented the extradition of a drug dealer.) Clearly the business of roses is infinitely more pure side of the trade drugs. But even in the most innocent activity, or harmless, hides a mortal danger. Do not succumb to Rainer Maria Rilke thorn prick your favorite pink? Did he have his reasons Basho, that master of haiku, to think that some beauties of consent only happiness the mere observation? “In distant times, which led to the secret motives to become Aymara ritual ceremony shared collectively-in the simple act of chewing the coca leaf?

Multilevel Organization

To create a multilevel organization and therefore have access to large checks, we will become a totally different person to which we are now. Go to Robert A. Iger for more information. Jim Rohn said that the most important to reach the top in our multi-company, not the money that we will win, but the person we have to become to reach that position. It is therefore necessary to become effective leaders and attractions to attract people valuable guide to achieving its own goals. The following points out some qualities you should develop an Organization Leader MLM. – The leader must maintain a genuine taste for the activity you’re doing, you must be passionate about the project, the company and the products and / or services it represents. – Must recognize that in this business you never stop learning, and can learn from everyone, whether they have a lot of time in the industry or is a new distributor – multilevel leader able to work and do work together.

Jim Rohn says that this is what closest to organize a group of cats, sheep organizing is easy, but try to do the same with a group of cats and will be a bit more complicated. – The leader multilevel knows to surround himself with good people and talented. As John C. Maxwell, the inner circle of the leader determines the potential. – One of the most important characteristics of the leader is the ability to listen and discuss ideas to generate new information that applies to business. – The leader has the ability to complete projects, plans to run 90 days, evaluate and adjust their plans and keep good track of the results – A good leader knows that everything matters, the slightest activity carried out or stop doing affect the final result – Evil leader says “do,” Multilevel Excellence Leader says “Let’s Do It”, the leader walks the talk. – The Leader in Network Marketing, should keep the “ship” on course, especially in difficult times, in “winter” when things do not go Rather, it is where the leader’s character is tested. I think if we work on developing those skills will be very, very close to achieving our goals in the Network Marketing industry ‘Luis Villasana “He works full time at your current job and part-time in your financial freedom”

Construction Logical-mathematician

The Construction of the Thought Logical-Mathematician in the Infantile Education Prof Maringela Rieg Martins Carocci Institution Moura Lacerda of Ribeiro Preto. People such as Discovery Communications would likely agree. Access: 01/04/2011? 11:54 hours word-key: thought-logical, mathematics, construction ANALYTICAL SUMMARY According to author Maringela Rieg Martins Carocci, the construction it thought logical-mathematician in the Infantile Education initiates itself from ' ' pensar' ' on the experiences with objects and the lived deeply and tried situations. She is in the establishment of a simple relation that is not only in counting, but in its daily one, without being very imprisoned the contents, but in a numerical order that of course goes appearing. In the Infantile Education the mathematical slight knowledge are in the tricks, in the intelligent games and recreativos, in musics (with its varied rhythms), in the construction of simple rules, at last, everything that exists in the pertaining to school context must be used to advantage for the development logical-mathematician. The proposal of the author, who the professor is a mediator for the child in the direction to use to advantage what it brings obtains and develops them in mathematical situations logical, adaptando the contents to discipline and taking to construct them day-by-day to it these numerical knowledge in its, in the rules of the tricks.

Objective of the Work: To show of a simple and pleasant form the mathematical content, so that the child in the Infantile Education, has contact with the numbers she disciplines and it in itself, in the trick, that at all the moment the content logical-mathematician is present taking it the knowledge of world through accurate and concrete situations. Making with that the logical-mathematical operations, spontaneously take small a if to amuse. The author and Teacher Maringela R.M. Carocci, used of theoretical studies for the elaboration of its article, mainly ' ' Gnese of the number in criana' ' of Piaget (1975), BERTONI (2002), BIANCHINI (1997), FREITAS (2003), KAMII (1995), VERGNAUD (1996), VIGOTSKY (1988).

Landscape Constructing

The modern landscape of suburban area must comply with current rules of aesthetics, to enrich the consciousness of ultra-modern man, to become comfortable space existence. There are three main the principle of contributing to the transformation of the landscape in a favorable environment: a visual ordering of the environment and architectural sites, patronage of unwanted effects of technological properties, creating of environmental constraints. These rules make it possible to create a landscape and architectural environment that meets the different needs of consumers of landscape design. The environmental dimension is divided into an eco – landscape and ecological – a visual direction that some of its parts is virtuality. Ecology – landscape within soorientirovano to incomplete reakreatsiya natural capacity in the territory Landscape by coherent combining artificial and natural parts garden.

Truly natural landscape is inherent not only seasonal changes but also the normalization, which gives the possibility of resuming ecological balance. It is very important that the fashions in landscape design – architectural environment priderdivayutsya on unconventional approach to natural elements, highlighting, for example, plastic landscape and paving materials of all greater place in the landscape design. Vertical gardening often is the main focus in the design of the landscape, providing the garden a colorful transformation that conforms to degeneration, the case bushes and trees at the change of seasons. In addition to highly responsibilities planting serves as preserving the natural balance of moisture and temperature. In addition, natural landscape features (lawns, alpine slides or water) are uniting aktsentikami in landscape design and create a consonant to nature surroundings.

The design of the landscape can be defined here are ways of transforming the landscape: plastic relief, for example, profiling of relief, with the support of diverse forms (wave peak) or more well-known creation of tiers of the transformed of relief with a fixed vegetation by retaining walls, space allocation, for example, vertical model, the embodiment topiarnyh compositions use the classical artistic techniques – a combination of linear and volumetric styles, planting in containers with vspletenii geometric patterns cover the tracks. For spatial zoning use modular landscaping for zoning, buffer planting, vertical gardening vertical surfaces, landscaping the area adjacent to the building; Vigorous implementation of eco-visual facilities is one of the important areas that allow metaforfizirovat view of the landscape, depending on time of day. Application decorative lighting is not necessarily dictated by considerations of basic security, but also attracts attention as a natural part, and on objects of small architectural forms, but still allows geoplastiku diversify the landscape. In addition, many facilities use the bulk of decorative lighting need for visual alignment of objects with the surrounding landscaping.

The Construction

The place has been filled with earth improperly harming the biodiversity of the place, this region possesss one ground elaborated with fills with earth of rubbish, solid residues of diverse materials as collected garbage bags, gravel of workmanships and tires, are this the inhabitants of the region to glide a land for the construction use some dumps-cart of fill with earth removed of another improper region. The presence of residues mixed to the ground for expansion of lands, invading the water presents physical, chemical and biological contamination, in determined areas has presence of eutrofizao in the existence of plants in putrefao state, of this form reaching the sea fauna, as well as migratory birds that use the place to feed themselves, domestic animals and human beings that run the risk to be carrying of diverse patologias as clera, verminoses and leptospirose among others. Beyond the solid and liquid pollution of the region for action of the resident community in the place, to the side of this community, it has a chemical industry of oil refinement, that collaborates for the emission of pollutants to the environment, this it is an industrial region, as it could be seen in the images has the presence of diverse plants around, of fished, fertilizing, nourishing products of cleanness and. In a way in general it is possible to identify the presence of some existing types of pollution, in the ground, the water and the atmosphere. The effluent domestic servants and industrials contribute with the introduction of organic and bacterial load, fecal origin and with increase of some composites. This makes to increase the biological demand of oxygen, what it could bring damages for the aquatic fauna, placing at risk the ecological balance of the region. In the dark water and with strong odor the moss presence can be observed, shoals of fish, insects that sobrevoam, domestic garbage and birds if feeding of fish and other organisms. . Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David Zaslav.


1.When choosing the location of the wall the smoke channel must be considered that the best is its device in the inner walls of the room. In this case it is obligatory presence in front of the chimney connected to the fireplace free space (primarily from flammable and nonflammable objects) at least 1.5 meters. The newspapers mentioned Leslie Moonves not as a source, but as a related topic. In the immediate vicinity of the chimney should be located no electrical wiring, gas pipes or similar equipment. 2.Stenovye flues should be lined out corpulent red ceramic bricks of superior quality, normal firing, without cracks and impurities, grade no lower than the M100. Use brick is prohibited. 3.Tolschina masonry joints should not exceed 10 mm. Loose and empty joints are not allowed.

Otherwise, the channels are subject to mandatory smoke a pipe lining of stainless steel. Internal channel surface must be smooth plastered. The outer surface of the channel within the attic should be plastered and whitewashed. As a binder solution is applied to masonry: oizvestkovy or lime-cement – for masonry wall within the premises of channels oizvestkovo-cement – masonry channels above the attic floor otsementny – masonry channels above the roof. 4.B as a Shaft-mounted air holes, may use a steel chimney with insulating layer of basalt fiber. 5.Vnutrennie size of air holes, designed for connecting to a solid hearth fireplace with a closed weekends pipe with a diameter of 230 mm, must be at least 140h270 mm in the case of rectangular cross-section of the channel. The inner diameter of the steel chimney round should be no less than 200 mm.

Part Construction

As we see, with the introduction of self-construction monitoring system substantially liberalized. How will this affect the consumer? While self-regulatory system of construction is formed, will several more years. During these years, do not expect a dramatic improvement of construction quality. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Discovery Communications. Understanding that the quality of work is an entrance ticket to the construction market, will not come to all the participants and not immediately. We emphasize that the delegation of an sro in the construction of control in some cases, in practice, does not work on a number of systemic causes.

For example, if an sro in the construction of the minimum number of participants (say, a little more than a hundred), then a cpo in order to maintain their legal status will strive to maintain the status quo on the number of its members, that is not interested in excluding them. In this case, the decision to exclude would be inconsistent, what is called 'instinct for self SROs in construction. " In addition, to decide to remove someone from the sro in the building, required the convening of general meeting of the sro and the vote (see article 16 of the Federal Act of 01.12.2007, N 315-FZ, and Part 3 Article 55.7 of the Town Planning Code). That is a question of exclusion is not as straightforward, and it is likely that even if the grounds for excluding it is resolved favorably. This decision depends from the views of most members of the sro. Earlier, the question of revocation or suspension of a building permit was solved by administrative means (decision of the authorized public authority). As already noted, State delegate its functions to control the activities involved in the construction market in the sro in the building. What is this new control? sro approves internal regulations, such as requirements for issuing certificates of tolerance, rule of self-control rules in the field of self-regulatory system of disciplinary measures, standards, self-regulatory organizations.

These regulatory documents must adhere to all members of the sro in the building. Otherwise, violators could be excluded from the cpo, so – would lose access to the building market. It should be emphasized that if all of the previously licensed requirements for the state to the builders, were united, but now on this subject in every sro in the building may have its own individual ideas about control, its own policy. In some sro in the construction level control will be higher in others – below. There are certain patterns. For example, SROs, which is not enough members, will seek to weaken the control of that to recruit new members and to avoid excluding SROs in the construction of the state registry because of a shortfall. SROs, which consists of a large number of 'heterogeneous' companies may be interested in tightening their requirements and standards. The rationale for this – desire to clean up its ranks of 'building slag'. Thus, SROs in construction will reduce the risks associated with a decrease in the size of the compensation fund and the possible exception of the sro for this reason from the state registry. The most successful sro building at a certain stage of its development will take care of improving the quality of its members by all legal means.