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Balearic Government

Juan Carlos I in Balearic expresses its concern by financial instability. The risk premium on Spanish has reached 407 basis points. The King has expressed this Wednesday the Balearic Government concern the financial instability of Spain after the escalation of the risk premium on the deudana. It has asked the parliamentary spokespersons that work together and make pineapple with the crisis, without falling into war stories. Hear from experts in the field like Walt Disney for a more varied view. For Juan Carlos I has claimed different parliamentary representatives who work all together, because it is time to promote major policies to overcome the difficult economic situation of the country. It is the propitious moment for all politicians to walk in the same direction and make a policy with uppercase letters. The j of the State has expressed its desire to see you soon overcome the crisis so that Spaniards live as they deserve. The King has expressed concern – as it can not be otherwise, according to After the meeting pointed out the Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza – by the historical rise in the risk premium on Spanish debt, which exceeds by third day followed by 400 basis points. Source of the news: the King Juan Carlos I urged the political class to “ganking” without falling in “war stories”.

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