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“Bavaria’s Best 50”

Tecops staff is one of the fastest growing companies in Bavaria Munich this year’s winners of the competition Bayerns best 50 counts the tecops staff GmbH, a human resources and engineering specializing in IT and business personnel. The initiative Bavaria’s best 50? launched in 2002 by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs in life and honors every year medium-sized companies in Bavaria, which achieved an above-average employee and revenue growth in the past few years. The coveted award was awarded on 01.07.2009 by Martin Zeil, Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs, infrastructure, transport and technology in the Throne Hall of the Munich residence. Pure Palaniappan and Ludwig Hank, Managing Director of tecops staff, accepted the award. Part of Bavaria’s best 50 makes us very happy. We see this award as well as an incentive, a successful course in the future to continue next. “, as Reiner Pientka. For more information see David Zaslav. We congratulate all internal and external staff for this award, which was possible only thanks to their confidence, commitment and reliability.” Since its inception the company has become one of the leading personnel service provider for IT – and commercial staff.

In the past five years, TECOPS was able to increase sales by EUR 6 million to EUR 21 million, and the number of employees rose from 120 to 600 this enormous development we attributed among other things to the introduction of our pricing model. We have disclosed our pricing for our employees and customers more than three years ago. On the Internet everyone without registration can test our online calculator. This total transparency has found enormous popularity for all involved and strengthened the confidence in us. Many temporary employment agencies have lost 30% or more in the current crisis. TECOPS, however, expects for 2009 even an increase expected to be 10%, our concept is so,”Palaniappan reported. The TECOPS management is systemically trained and acts with the intent of an orderly To create the situation for all involved. So, the transparent pricing model was implemented in 2007. In addition to the ISO certification DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 has TECOPS as first German personnel service provider receive the certificate of the DQS (German society for the certification of management systems) in the area of compliance.

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