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Change In The Home

Change your home requires time, planning and because not, build strategies that allow less cumbersome to change. The forecast can prevent lost time and object. Below are a list of objects that should not be missing in any move. Medium and large cardboard or plastic boxes. Essential element to store all the objects you want to move, and that, surely, go from clothes to books that we do not want us even undo.

Coarse or cinnamon Ribbon tape. To seal the boxes mentioned above so as to ensure some furniture having drawers or doors that can be opened in the transfer. Knife. Allows unpacking more quickly. Plastic bubble.

Pictures, mirrors and wall clocks, are objects that normally break down in removals, with this type of plastic ensures the delicate goods. Screwdriver. A screwdriver or complete tool box helps disarm furniture such as beds, with which we can perform a better arrangement in the vehicle that you move the belongings. Hear other arguments on the topic with Eva Andersson-Dubin. Material to install the gas. Is system stationary or cylinder, the gas hose and its connections they are most forgotten objects to the move, so to avoid giving you a cold bath don’t forget this material. Marker. You may need it to avoid chaos in the move, it is advisable to translate into the box the contents of the same. Another much safer option is to use numbers and letters to identify the contents of the boxes. Having an alternating Winery. For example the garage of a friend or a courtyard which if it will happen an unforeseen event can save our things for some time. If there is a space with these features you can rent for a modest amount in companies such as Mexstorage (www.mexstorage.com.mx). Belts. If we ourselves carry furniture the belts (tape with excellent resistance and adjustable) will help ensure all objects for the trip. Cleaning instruments. Broom, MOP, dustpan, newspaper, bucket, detergent and flannels to help clean your new home immediately.

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