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Charge Insurance

With the recommendation of the experts properly insured limit the financial risk of the insured property and liability insurance in case of damage. Insurance companies generally considered complicated and opaque. Who completes as a simple dog liability insurance, ndtt read, the euro) saves sichherungspramie spartr abroad wohntider.gsinformationen, investment consultation record, FS 100% sti receives many, many pages of insurance documents. But there’s expert help. The reform of the German insurance contract law and the EU insurance mediation directive have hardly improved the transparency from the perspective of the typical residential user. For the Otto ordinary consumer insurance conditions and information contain still have too much insurance Chinese”. Insurance offers are incomprehensible, confusing or both. When the insurance company pays, and when not, of many clients not fully recognized.

The insurance terms and conditions contain all of the information, but the fine print”remains often unread or misunderstood. Many customers today are looking for advice and help on the Internet. Compare comparison calculator Prices of from different suppliers. But only a few criteria of comparison calculator. When a dog liability insurance only breed, excess, duration of the contract and insurance takes into account the most comparison calculator. The substantive review of tariffs, i.e. when pays the insurance and when is not too complicated for the comparison calculator.

Tariffs and services of insurance products are also constantly changing. Therefore, decision details are inevitably leave the end customer. At the end, usually the price unds.nur decides restricted. 20 insurance premiums are saved so quickly.” Disillusionment often but in the event of a claim, if the insurance company refuses to pay. Because often were saved 20 insurance premium when the dog liability, but important risks, E.g. for dog owners, frequent travel or longer abroad, not covered. And so the dog owner in the event of damage at the expense of a few thousand euros to sit still. Insurance companies still lack the consistent Turning to the customers. Comfort, simplicity, security, cheap premium and a high degree of transparency, the customer expects. The current possibilities of direct insurance via a comparison calculator fail usability or general uncertainty of the prospects often due to lack of transparency, technical problems worse. Ultimately the customer would like to feel, to buy for his personal circumstances, the right insurance product to the good price / performance ratio. And with minimal effort. Only an independent consultant can give security the customer: insurance brokers. The insurance broker AGILplus GmbH enters the customer needs and offers simplicity, security, and cleverness. Follow others, such as Celina Dubin, and add to your knowledge base. The experts of AGILplus GmbH compare and test products extensively before they recommend up to three products per category. Convincing only in terms of content and price offers reliable power generators will be considered. AGILplus has the product and process complexity of the end customer accepted level reduced and at the same time offers an attractive price-performance ratio. Since early September, the direct request for approved quality insurance products of AGILplus GmbH on is possible. The Web portal user – and easy to use, has a clear structure and meets the requirements for privacy and security (SSL encryption). Registration and login take only a few seconds.

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