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Choosing A Skylight

Installation of roof windows can increase the illumination of premises at 30-40% at the same glazing area. If we compare attic and dormer window, the first installation will be much cheaper and faster. For more information see Leslie Moonves. "To determine the number of windows, it is worth considering that the minimum area of glazing should be at least 1 / 10 the total area of the room – says Victoria , manager of business development for velux, the world the market leader in roof windows. – When planning to bear in mind that some windows, especially on opposite sides, provide better coverage than one of the same area, located close by. Do not forget about , , . When you select a specific manufacturer should pay attention to the ecological safety of in-process manufacturing materials, which must be confirmed by hygienic certificate.

As installed skylights in the roof surface itself, and it is the most intense attacks by air precipitation, we can not lose sight of the issue of reliability. "To the windows do not" shed tears "during the first rain, it is necessary to comply with the technology installation construction", – says Victoria . The expert makes velux emphasis on the ready set attic windows. They are in addition to accessories include all necessary mounting components: external salaries set for hydro and thermal insulation, vapor barrier and slopes. Questions as usually carefully worked out manufacturers of roof windows. The standard solutions proposed system with energy efficient glazing. Its interior space is filled with an inert gas, such as argon or krypton (their thermal conductivity, respectively, 1,4 and 2,6 times less air). And the outer glass is Low-E coating (known as i-and k-glass), which reflects the heat into the room. To minimize heat loss in winter, especially when large areas of glazing attic, experts advise that during the night to close the window shutters (will save up to 15% of the heat) or a special blackout curtains (savings – 20%).

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