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Soft tile, popular in recent years in construction, can be used not for all the housetops, and in those where the minimum slope is 11 degrees. But at the same time, precisely because of its flexibility, the soft tile used in the the most complex designs of roofs. In fact, the soft tile – is fiberglass impregnated with a modified bitumen. Asphalt shingles to protect against weather extremes, ultraviolet negative impact, but also preserves flexible tiles, most importantly her dignity. Thanks bitumen tile does not break during installation. Installation soft tile by using nails or mastic (and thus pages attached to the facade). It should be noted that Construction should not proceed in this case in the winter because the installation of shingles at a temperature below 5 degrees Celsius is very undesirable. But if all the same, requires the construction, the material must be stored in warm room.

The fact is that in addition to nails, roof tiles fixed with self-adhesive layer. On this layer should affect the sun's rays, so there was a fixation. In some places, where the roof is particularly vulnerable under the soft tile builders must install carpet underlayment, which has waterproofing properties. In principle, shingles itself is able to withstand any weather conditions, up to semidesyatigradusnyh frost or shestidesyatigradusnoy heat, but the carpet in any way increase the service life of the coating and will continue to avoid unnecessary repairs. Also, before construction and installation to check foundation on which to fasten shingles. It should be dry and smooth. Often the reason for on site use sawn or plastered board or water resistant plywood. Soft tile – one of the most modern technologies in construction, but it has had time to prove themselves on the world market with the best hand. Repair of the roof with the help of easy to implement even a layman, and the result will please the owner for many years. Construction

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