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One of weddings that present a great value within all that supposed marriage preparations and the ceremony, they are invitations for weddings; Since these in part to convene the different guests at the celebration of the ceremony, are the official confirmation for the relatives and friends of the realization of the future union. The invitations of weddings, may occur in thousands of ways, since the design, it is very personal and will depend on the tastes that has the couple and how they wish to invite your friends, family and loved ones to attend such an important event. If for some reason you have doubts about wedding invitations; account must be some basic requirements that must submit invitations for weddings: wedding invitations, should be elaborated in quality cardboard, preferably double, clear it is that simple no clashes. In what refers to the color to submit invitations for weddings, the ideal is that are ivory-white or any other color similar to this, since the occasion, is well suited to this hue of colors. To treat invitations for a wedding, should prevailing simplicity when it comes to making the invitations, which avoided recourse to a large number of details and reasons. Data: invitations for weddings, are mainly a source of data for the receiver of the letter; so should include certain basic data such as the names of the future spouses, parents of each, the place, the date and time at which the marriage ceremony, the phones where to contact families of the bride and groom and so be able to ask for any information and leave doubts should be held; also you must request confirmation of assistance – this to know with how many people are to attend the wedding-. Other important data to be taken into account in the invitations for weddings, is whether there is a celebration after the termination of the marriage ceremony; If a banquet will be held, where and when this event will take place.

In the event that the places in which is to conduct the different celebrations of marriage, whatever difficult location, most suitable is placing a small drawing or map in which precise indications of how they are arriving at the scene; this as a preventive measure, but is always best personally accompany the guests or forming something similar to a caravan. Must take into account the location of the data in the wedding invitations; so the traditional placement of data is distributed in the following manner: the names of the parents of the bride at the top left and the groom in the top right; focused the place, date and time of the ceremony. You can optionally place the address of the bride in the bottom left and the groom in the bottom right.

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