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Digital Photography Computers And Technology

Digital photography now allows access to a world of photography more universal, more people, with many devices and many chances for pictures anytime, anywhere, action, etc. Each one can be a photojournalist or a voyeur because it is quite easy to bring a camera on top. The problem comes when we consider the efficient storage of digital photography. In proportion to the analog market was ten years ago, when more mature the technology, digital photography has exceeded all expectations and had a brief period of time has left far below the previous world of analog photography over 100. But despite being pulling more photographs have never been shot at history, the problem arises now that has not grown in the same proportion of expensive storage especially in the domestic field.

The storage of digital photography is a problem that has been given little attention. What do we do with the photos you've taken? How do we keep? How will last over time? What platform preserved? So far, all we have hundreds of old photographs at home, our grandparents, our children, those holidays for many years and like to remember. What a great taste is the picture you are over 50 years with a landscape of our city which reflects how it was at that time. Or those fashion clothing 30 years ago that we appreciate having preserved in a photograph because they reflect an era. But the question is: not too many of the old pictures we have how many have survived? Probably because a high proportion are preserved in albums that although in some cases, the decrepit, the picture is relatively well and still holds many years.

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