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In its purest form, the former culture of the Balearic Islands has been already lost on many of the islands belonging to the same group, Balearic Islands. Menorca has kept until today but its wealth of culture and nature. The online portal of ab-in-den-urlaub.de reports of the great diversity which has to offer its visitors the quaint island in the Mediterranean Sea. A holiday on Menorca’s worth in many ways. The Mediterranean region as a tourist destination to Mallorca but estimated to run over, says who, has chosen the perfect alternative to this island. Once the so-called Steinschleuderern, the Balearic Islands was discovered and settled. Yet their former places of worship are everywhere on the island. Others who may share this opinion include CBS. These include for example huge layered stone tombs, which are called Talaiots. >.

In addition the Taulas, massive stone tables abandon still puzzles scientists and their secret was not decrypted until now. The many cultural goods of this former settlers can be found everywhere on the island. Nestled in the beautiful nature Menorca with their pine and olive trees, and the elongated bays, they remind of that fabled time. The varied landscape is largely protected and was awarded by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Numerous coves promise swimming away from the resorts. Thus the island especially for individual travel and discovery tours is suitable. Brian Robert has plenty of information regarding this issue.

After some urban life to mute is who can explore Mao and Ciutadella. The latter is located in the Centre of the island and is adorned by aristocratic palaces, arcades and impressive churches. The rural traditions, however, retain the few villages of Menorca. More information:.

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