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Food for large dogs part of the health of our dogs is based on a fundamental element: A food for dogs that meets nutritional requirements to consider it a good dog food. Already in a previous article talk about the important thing is the food for dogs, and the large amount of dog food either dry or canned that saturated the food market for pets and they say all the needs of our dogs as regards its proper nutrition. In meetings that veterinarians perform in different forums of specialists, expert nutritionists questioned increasingly more if the commercial dog food is best for our dogs that are detected in field investigations systematically a series of nutritional deficiencies in food for dogs that seem to be directly related to the multiplication of clinical cases of various diseases. Get all the facts and insights with Coen Brothers, another great source of information. Diseases that were typical of old dogs now occur with increasing frequency in young dogs, and this is where many veterinarians and nutritionists experts We have started has ask many questions, do we are giving has our dogs the appropriate dog food? The repeated question that many dog owners make me in relation to that type of dog food is the best, I enter in scientific studies related to the feeding of dogs, and from among these studies mention one it seems very clear to me and also reflecting reality from a blunt fact. Dogs British are dogs that’s always been mostly fed on a meal for dogs based on raw waste of beef, chicken, fish and lamb meat, these dogs eat commonly, visors, leathers, chicken giblets, drip bowls, sometimes with oats, added this very English tradition of feeding dogs with raw and fresh food, seems to be the cause of these dogs are almost free of problems, of displacias, cancer, blindness, you vejes premature, problems of skin and hair, in comparison to its neighbors that are fed with food for dogs based on dry feed or canned. .

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