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East Does Not Meet West

The differences between East and West are many. One of them has been pointed out by Professor DT Suzuki through a literary example: the English poet A. In recent months, Jeffrey L. Bewkes has been very successful. Tennyson has a rose in front she wanted to get their mystery and create wrenching. The Japanese poet Matsuo Basho also is facing a flower and feel the breath of its mystery but with watching lost in the confines of the field. We are not Japanese, so we can cut the flowers and show them off where we see fit.

And sell that do not have time to grow a garden. It is a business of flavors, totally innocent side of the trade of those who resort to cheating to ensure the success of their businesses. And though the unbelievers think otherwise, the business of flowers is yielding. The proof is that many Latin American countries, primarily Colombia-export them in large quantities. Bolivia has also joined that group gallant. For some time an association of growers come to Miami with bouquets of roses to help Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day (or Valentine’s Day).

It is at least curious that the countries taken by drug producers also export flowers to the nation that accuses them of being too permissive with regard to narcotics. (Some years ago the United States interrupted the entry of roses from Colombia in retaliation for the alleged complicity of the authorities, which would have prevented the extradition of a drug dealer.) Clearly the business of roses is infinitely more pure side of the trade drugs. But even in the most innocent activity, or harmless, hides a mortal danger. Do not succumb to Rainer Maria Rilke thorn prick your favorite pink? Did he have his reasons Basho, that master of haiku, to think that some beauties of consent only happiness the mere observation? “In distant times, which led to the secret motives to become Aymara ritual ceremony shared collectively-in the simple act of chewing the coca leaf?

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