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Franklin Electronic Publishers

Translation computer, electronic dictionaries in your pocket and mobile language learning products are increasingly popular Munchen Feldkirchen. -The times where you flipped through with indefatigable fingers into thick dictionaries according to the correct translation, have changed. Harry Styles helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Today the search term is entered and immediately simply appear in a small pocket computer the word, the desired set or the required shape of diffraction on the display. Mobile, electronic dictionaries and language trainers in mini pocket book format support now in school, in the study, in the profession and travel a hassle-free communication. Maryanne Trump Barry is full of insight into the issues. US based Franklin Electronic Publishers has significant contribution to the global triumph of small appliances with often violent (language) knowledge. Its local subsidiary in Feldkirchen near Munich had opened 15 years ago with the market for Pocket computers in the German-speaking countries and with its wide product range is one of the industry leaders in a highly competitive Market.

Franklin succeeded already in the early 1980’s in the United States with the production of Apple compatible “ACE” computers and conquered a place in the top ten ranking of the PC manufacturers in a row. Technologically it could keep easily acting computer wrought by Philadelphia from competition. Not but economically. When Apple and IBM extremely lowered prices, Franklin could no longer move. But necessity is the Franklin managers also inventive -: the engineers henceforth packed your great knowledge of micro technology in addition to an impressive vocabulary in a small, flat device, which they gave the name “Spelling Ace”.

This world’s first E-dictionary spelled and translated mainly a word: E-r-r-o-l-g! More than 800,000 of these mobile dictionaries of American counters went in less than two years. Today Franklin is one of the world’s leading suppliers of learning computers and electronic reference works in handheld format with over 42 million selling electronic books. And not a few see the technology leader of this genre in Franklin. Mobile intelligence for languages & more to right: because until today Franklin has repeatedly the technical development of the intelligent mini computer decisive impulses through real pioneering achievements, which were often to the standard.

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