Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Gas Costs

For a comparison, which surprised everyone: For ten pounds of domestic gas pay fifteen dollars, compared to Bolivia, where the same amount alone can cost nearly a dollar. Seeing this, the difference is huge. Yet despite the government is tired of spending in subliminal propaganda we are in the best of all worlds, with the decline in poverty, which is also not true because he uses social programs as the makeup of the figures statistics. But back to the police strike. The brothers defenders and mercenaries, hired for their strength to the bourgeois state by a simple tip is insufficient to meet their needs. This has been largely unknown by the state since the time of corporatist fascism with its reformism Velasco could not reconcile the internal contradictions of society living in these countries (to refer to countries, they do exist in the area of what Peru known to many as the existence of several nations. Each with its own tradition of cultural, organizational and social reference: the Aymara, Quechua, Los Wampis, Los Awajun, Mestizo, Creole, etc.) And in part by an organization of police forces, especially middle managers, are descendants of the nations that do not hold political power in this territory is occupied and held by a minority consisting of the Creoles and their mentors, some mestizos outcasts.

As they come from a tradition of organizing their communities, have most shameful humiliations endured by their own commanders, who are of the Creole nation. They have been silent since the formation of the republic Creole dominates all other nations. But adjusting to cash them in economic terms and leave the government to propagandize, how good we are. That we are in the best of worlds, that we are going to migrate. If here is the opportunity to escape poverty, and comparing them, the only ones who have changed their fate are the generals and lords with APRA card. It would be a feeble-minded to not realize what is happening in our nations in this region. I presume that may have very strong this police strike looming, if it is made. What job or working in the government of Alberto Kenya Fujimori offender as part of the fourth generation warfare, in which bullets are replaced by the war to capture the minds and submit to fear, fear of protest, fear of feel a claim. I think it is essential that the police do respect their dignity and make feel this government fascist extreme right and time is running out and their goodies too, presumably waiting for what they want for us. Tupac Yupanqui Isaac II Juan Esteban Villalobos.

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