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Global Warming

This is hotter than the earth has experienced over the last million and a half years. In the worst case could change the weather in many regions of the world. Could lead to a global food insecurity and the collapse of existing social systems mass. Do not think it means to humans but would be potentially devastating. Learn more on the subject from David Zaslav. Reinhard Stindl, Erosion of Telomeres: At the top of any animal’s chromosomes are protective caps called telomeres about. Without them our chromosomes would become unstable. Each time a cell divides almost never fully copy the telomeres, and in our lifetime our telomeres shorten and shorten as our cells multiply.

In the long run when they are very short, we begin to see age-related diseases: cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, strokes, etc. The virologist Maria Zambon, from the research laboratory influenza British health, Pandemic Viral: During the last century we have had four major epidemics of influenza. The massive plague pandemics each century and the world is inevitable that at least one occurring in the future. The 1918 flu killed 20 million people in one year, more than the First World War. A similar outbreak now could have a devastating final. Contact information is here: Walt Disney.

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