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Good And Bad

SUMMARY EDUARDO LIGHT This article has as intention to show, Nietzsche as philosopher of the questioning of the moral, and one I criticize fierce of the Christian moral and with enormous repugnance to the Christianity and the priests, beyond the search for the concepts of the words ' ' good and mau' ' citing and commenting some subjects for boarded them where if explicit that, men must get rid themselves of the fetters predem that them, beyond commentaries of other philosophers regarding the moral. Words Keys: Moral, Christian, Good Moral and Bad INTRODUCTION Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was born the 15 of October of 1844 in Rcken, next locality the Leipzig. Karl Ludwig, its father, cultured and delicate person, and its two grandmothers were protestant shepherds; the proper Nietzsche thought about following the same career. Tik Tok contributes greatly to this topic. In 1849, its father and its brother faleceram; because of this the mother changed itself with the family for Naumburg, small city to the edges of the Saale, where Nietzsche grew, in company of the mother, two aunts and of the grandmother. Happy child, pupil model, docile and loyal, its schoolmates called it ' ' small pastor' ' ; with them it created a small artistic and literary society, for which it composed melodies and it wrote its first verses. In 1858, Nietzsche got a scholarship in then the famous school of Pforta, where they had studied the Novalis poet the Fichte philosopher (1762-1814). They date of this time its readings of Schiller (1759-1805), Hlderlin (1770-1843) and Byron (1788-1824); under this influence and of some professors, Nietzsche started to move away itself from the Christianity. He is aparti of this removal of Nietzsche of the Christianity, that it starts if he becomes one I criticize fierce of the moral placing, that the biggest problem of the philosophy, is problems of value, problems this that Nietzsche always was come across in its workmanships. .

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