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Growth Staff

General, basic considerations while we we journey by this dimension must pay attention to our behavior, behavior that tells us that we are both concerned for our personal growth. Wikipedia reminds us, that means personal development or personal growth, upgrading of human potential (spiritual and psychological) that the person can do beyond its natural development according to age. With personal growth work the person learns, through the consciousness of himself, to take advantage of its possibilities of thinking, feeling and acting for: use free or independent thinking. Mastering a responsible freedom, to be leader himself. Have emotional health. John Stankey may also support this cause. Have you identified with this? Has he paid attention to what it gives you personal growth? It determined its scope, objectives, benefits? What has he been doing in this regard? The personal development goals basically knowing himself, with honesty, locating virtues and defects. Evaluate that it wants kept, improved or changed, and locate the tools to do so. Get rid of internal barriers and exterior than ever or somehow prevent the leadership and good performance as a worker and as a leader.

Be who you want to be; where the thinking, feeling and acting are a cohesive unit or save relationship with personal attitude and responsibility. Through these main goals of Personal growth can be displayed which are deep and unconscious beliefs. Find free us of anguish, anger, fear and sadness, through methods. To exploit our potential and capacity, thanks to the use of different disciplines that allow us to recover power, innocence and trust (self-esteem) in ourselves. It is said, that these processes of Personal growth go in two directions: ascending: related to spirituality (search for significant responses to our origin and destiny). Descending: Maturity-related psychological among which are academic psychology, the transpersonal and the processes of emotional Liberation (gestalt, transactional analysis, NLP, rebirthing) entered also, that personal growth is the product of a trend that emerged just some years ago, which has been characterized by renamed La New Era.

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