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Hispanic American

For the first time in the history of mega-power someone who comes from a racial minority will be its Chairman. Learn more about this with Frieda Hughes. Barack Hussein Obama, has also won the general election despite the fact that the majority of whites voted for his rival John McCain. His victory is due to two main minorities in USA (the afro and the Hispanic American) were to vote in mass and who will be the first non-white President of the country. 95% Of the descendants of slaves and 67% of latinos covered by Obama. In the American system States are those who choose the President in the electoral college. Several States, such as Florida, New Mexico and Nevada, turned from having previously supported Republicans to shore up the Democrats thanks to the Hispanic vote. These lines do not intend to take stock of what it represents and will Obama. For even more opinions, read materials from Gavin Baker Atreides Management. We only want to have an impact on the fact that in the greatest power of all times has been imposed a candidate based on a convergence between two racial minorities.

This, in turn, will generate a multi-ethnic wave not only in America but in Europe. The European Union, where never a person of colour or Latin origin has led some of its major members, generates a certain momentum for minorities seek strengthened. The lesson is clear in the case of London. Color or Latino Londoners have a weight much greater to which they have in the United States. Moreover, it is estimated that the British capital have more people who were born or whose parents were born outside of those who have lived there for generations.

If USA always shining on Latin America and often influences on those who come to be or stay as Presidents, this time those who originally come from Latin America and Africa have influenced who you will manage the White House. Latin Americans of London, unlike the United States, have closer links with the Iberians and the Caribbeans living in this metropolis. The possibility of doing a multi-ethnic coalition in the UK are also great and it should go work in that perspective. Obama should do concessions to latinos in matters of immigration and rights. Latinos of the EU must be based on that experience to revert to anti-immigrant as Sarkozy and Berlusconi to find going into a turn for their rights.

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