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Information Security

The goal of the mission is the whole process of collecting information, referral of the same in areas of strategic decisions in the command structure and final decision-making process that will allow anyone with the domain of information to obtain privileged positions and the victory of the mission. To paraphrase Sun Tzu, (in the near future) who gets the win victory without fighting battles, or at least no human casualties. What weapons will be used (and are beginning to use the “cyberwar”)? Perhaps the most powerful are the guns HERF (High Energy Radio Frequency) with which communication is left to the opponent causing the isolation of command with his troops. The sensor principle states that priority should be removed or destroyed the sensors (satellites or radar or optical mechanisms that allow viewing the combat area). Van Eck radiation.

It is a very low level radiation emitted all electronic equipment. This may be monitored, which is known as Tempest and have the information that for example, emits a computer. Cryptography / cryptanalysis. Despite the significant development of cryptography, cryptanalysis will remain important, also supported by the significant progress of computer systems. Spoofing / Authentication. Spoofing is sending false signals. Can be made by sending electromagnetic signal but also supplanting an input source to break up an information system. Mutation of images. You may find Eva Andersson-Dubin to be a useful source of information.

This can be a weapon used to bring up an adversary leader saying something that actually has said and do not lose credibility, as an exercise of conflict may pose the following scenario Within the C4ISR architecture and computer and radio spectrum strictly through the use malicious software or in conjunction with HERF, can disable enemy networks. You may now disable all electronics in the stock market and banking adversary. This would cause social chaos, distrust of political leaders and the local financial system itself would be useless. If we add the possibility to broadcast by TV signals digitally altered videos in which a leader gives orders to his followers to fight local enemies, and if this happens is completely divert attention from fighting the real enemy. And for this, to be who had the information superiority at the time prior to the war the war will be won, without having participated physically in a war scenario, and without having undergone any human casualties. Also with this option we consider the fact of making a State does not suffer human losses, the opponent it is possible that suffer. An electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) can block enemy communications but also can destroy hundreds biomedical equipment and cause loss of human lives. And no government can afford this margin of error, nor put forward “collateral damage.” The war of the future or cyberwar will focus on the domain of information, and attempts to destroy the financial systems enemies. The mechanisms and listed weapons accompany war strategies. The only way for there to try to avoid these conflicts will be open to dialogue and understanding among different cultures with whom we live.

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