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Intensive Care Unit

We were in the intensive care unit and were trying to ndure the “pain” of having to lose our only daughter. However, there was “something” that is not easy to explain that we were told! MOVE FORWARD!. The first great victory during the first week of the events, Daniela was still in coma.

Connected to a respirator was stifling see her surrounded by so many pipes, cables and controls of the nurses and doctors. When they tried to remove the respirator oxygen levels decreased and therefore it reconnected. That hurt a lot and if we mother and I prayed day after day to ask the “miracle” return to breathe on their own. It is amazing how something so simple “AS ventilator” could cause so much pain to our lives. We could only see 1 hour daily from 2pm to 3pm as she was then admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) travel for parents was only 1 hour, 1 hours maximum. Medical reports full of hopelessness, overwhelmed us more. Among all ICU doctors had a physician-only memory that we expected to see bad news. NEVER gave us hope and we always said “BAD” and never any progress. Just find a doctor to us full of faith. Also during the intervention DANIELA month old baby, when he placed a valve for hydrocephalus Pudentz Dandy Walker type with which he was born, the doctor who operated on had good chemistry with us.

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