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Legionella Risk Taking A Shower?

Most Legion Ellen species are harmless to humans. However, some types can be trigger of the ‘legionnaire ‘disease’ (legionellosis). A warm shower serves not only the body cleansing, but also relaxation. Have is the hot water but Legionella ensconced, health at stake under certain circumstances. These bacteria are with the mist, is inhaled as he while taking a shower and get into the lungs. Most Legion Ellen species are harmless to humans. Some species however can trigger of the legionnaire’s disease”(legionellosis) be. This, first a pneumonia-like disease, even to the death cause.

Legionella bacteria are part of any fresh water. Therefore they exist also in cold drinking water, which provides the water supply in the House. Their number is here but so low, that they can be anybody dangerous. Only if they breed, which can pose a risk. Therefore, drinking must e.g., Hot water tank of heating and hot water system to be operated that Legionella bacteria don’t feel comfortable in them.

Warm water temperatures of 55 C or more kill Legionella bacteria. So that not only the water in the drinking, but also is not colder than 55 C in the pipes, a sufficient thermal insulation of pipes and an exactly a controlled circulation system are necessary. Master enterprises of the Guild for plumbing, heating and air conditioning can determine whether the operating conditions of the hot water pipes of Legionella bacteria have no chance. They also advise the at least once every three years necessary microbiological examination of water heating systems of apartment blocks. Because eventually everyone in the shower can breathe safely. Hot water pipes should be regularly checked and properly operated. Then the shower remains a pleasure without consequences Guild for sanitary and heating engineering Mulheim

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