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Most Aries

Most Aries must learn to control their behavior and not let outside influences affect on their internal energy structure. They should not fight fire with fire, rudeness on rude, but you should be able to find compromise solutions in all situations, to remain silent, not wasting energy and to control their feelings. Continue to learn more with: Discovery Communications. Many Aries too fast reaction, which during the explanation of the relationship may interfere with finding the best way out of this situation. At the same time, Aries with great difficulty adjusting to the slow and methodical action, so they must learn to work in situations requiring concentration, static and at least try to work out in his character traits inherent in people with melancholic or phlegmatic temperament. Then their physical, energetic and mental bodies will remain under reliable control and protection of which Aries forget, acting on the principle: "The best defense – this attack." They need to know that the youth of their body is able to quickly charge of subtle energies and to easily recover energy costs by accumulating the energy of the Sun and the Cosmos, but after 42 years, this ability is reduced, and Aries have to pay more attention to their mental health, and work plans.

At this age Most Aries there is a need to explore your body, as they have often exacerbated the disease weakened organs and systems, and so after 40 years they have either themselves monitor their health, or become regular patients by doctors. In the treatment of Aries can not long in bed, rarely listen to the advice of doctors, friends and acquaintances. They are more likely than people of other zodiac signs, spread disease on their feet and go to bed only when the body is completely refuses to obey them because of the complete energy depletion. Most Aries should keep their emotions in order to avoid a sharp energy imbalances in the body. They are too impulsive amenable experiences, too much taken seriously and rarely hold back their anger or resentment. But we must remember that with every emotional burst goes so necessary healthy energy. These conditions hurt their psyche and the body, increase the level of adrenaline in the blood and affect negatively the usual mode of operation of many organs and systems. In moments of important decisions or need to respond to external stimuli, Aries, you must first count to ten, calm breathing, stop the squad my thoughts stray, "and only after that they will be able to hear his voice intuition, to choose the right solution and develop a correct line of conduct.

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