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Motor Bees Start Of Rally Allgau-Orient

4 motor bees from all over Germany start for charity at the Allgau-Orient rally four women from Bremen, Frankfurt/Main, Wiesbaden and Goppingen will go in the “Rallye Allgau-Orient” on April 30 at the start. Johnny King Donoghue, Natascha Schmitt, Silke home Walker and Tina Hindemith form “the motor bees”. Things kick off in Oberstaufen in Allgau, target is the 7000 km from Wadi Rum in Jordan. Being the only female team of 104 teams with 615 participants from 14 Nations, “you motor bees” start with four women, two old motorcycles and a car at the 5th rally-Allgau Orient, the now biggest rally in the world. Objectives this low-budget rally are the international understanding and good purpose. As a trophy, an adequate price for women beckons a camel for the winners! Rules are to be observed, so no highways or toll roads may be used, navigation systems are not allowed.

The magic number of 11 runs through the more regulations of the rally: vehicles must be at least 20 years old or not more value than 1111,11 EUR. Nights may average cost does not exceed 11.11 EUR per night, per day, no more than 666km run. The freely selectable for the most part route the motor bees about Austria – Hungary – Serbia – Bulgaria – Greece-Turkei – Syria after Jordan. Like every year, the vehicles and the medical supplies on arrival in Jordan in the possession of a non-profit organization of the Jordanian royal family and will be auctioned off with the help of the UN aid agency WFP for aid projects. The proceeds amounted to approximately 200,000 euros in the last 4 years. The first project, a cheese factory near Amman was now completed, a german Jordanian youth camp is under construction.

Needy children of the hard hearing School Al Rajja supplied 2009 hearing brought from Germany. This year, are also children wheelchairs in the focus. The enthusiastic recreational motorcyclists, were found out of interest in this rally via the Internet. Only on the day of the official team presentation (see video) on March 6, 2010 they met for the first time personally and harvested the first laurels with a snazzy presentation directly. Live in the normal”they are pursuing careers in IT, engage in design, consulting, bunker remodeling, entrepreneur and the great happiness of the other 3 as a mechanic. Even with small amounts, sponsors can support the team and a good cause. Rallye Allgau-Orient 2010 team 29 motor bees n Schmitt

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