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National Atomic Energy Commission

Nuclear plants do not produce gases or other emissions to air, water pollution during operation, measured in Reservoir has a CANDU reactor is less than 1% of the permitted limit, while in Central Atucha I work on their premises fifth organic fruit and vegetables for personal consumption, in Reservoir, tourists who come to the plant, located on the banks of the lake can enjoy the mini-ZOO built in the grounds of the same . Nuclear reactors are used in almost all world as a source of electrical power, as an example many other countries and the number of nuclear plants were operating in the early 90s. Speaking candidly Coen Brothers told us the story. Germany & nb sp; 19Argentina & nb sp; 2Brasil & nbsp; & nb sp; 2CAN 22Estados United 104Francia & nbs p; 58Japon & n bsp; 53Rusia & nbsp; & nb sp; 29Reino Kingdom 35 In this list are a number of countries that have between 1 and 10 Central c / u, this is illustrative of how nations more advanced technologically and economically (and ecologically) are the most advantage of this technology.

The National Atomic Energy Commission, created on May 31, 1950, carried out continuously in research and development from the field of applied research in nuclear research reactors be exported to Peru, Algeria, Egypt and recently signed agreement to export to Australia a more complex reactor power and also Research in Medicine, Agriculture, Industry and Environment, there is for local use and export of cobalt 60 for use in radioterapia.A through its partners, produces and exports produced in heavy water plant in Neuquen PIAP, manufactured in Ezeiza Zircaloy tubes where pods house the nuclear fuel used in reactores.Un INVAP deserves a separate paragraph, located in Bariloche perform design and construction, as well as reactors, industrial automation equipment, waste treatment plants and hazardous chemicals medica.. To deepen your understanding Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is the source.

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