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Now, visitors ask, is it difficult to rent a property in Moscow because of the financial crisis? Naturally, the real estate market in Moscow suffered significant changes due to the economic situation. Many property owners who had not wanted to take home to ensure a “leftist” earnings, present their own versions to market. Because of this greatly increased competition and reduced prices for rental apartments. On the other hand, some firms had covered the costs of nonresident workers in rental housing, now reduced this article. Also, the tenants found it hard to pay rent for the property in center.

For these reasons steel is preferable to choose accommodation close to the outskirts, is cheaper and smaller. Can not assert that all these processes are largely complicate the overall situation. But now may increase the number of fraudulent transactions in this area. Therefore, trying to lease or rent a property, you must be very careful. You can start with a careful study of sections and queries such as “rent real estate” in newspapers or on the forums network. But the more profitable and safer still apply to the real estate agency. Today, in front of many people in the vast cities of the problem arises: how to accurately find a good real estate agency? Moscow does not stop quickly constructed, erected new residential area, along with a growing collection of companies engaged in the implementation of related services for housing and rent the rest. To avoid falling into an awkward position, you should consider this the case of a short list of unobtrusive restrictions.

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