Promoting Democracy in Algeria

Real Estate Industry

There is a clear shift in attitude: from denial and hatred of the hawkers to the commitment to promote among them a “productive solidarity,” a new look at the business of finance or real estate industry who discovers that a peddler pays 350% annual interest and, at best, your business could be there, a new political attitude of the bet now working to gain legitimacy in the search solutions, even a new thought of the peddlers who wants a decent job. Very interesting when indicated, that the failure to show valid alternative solutions and shared among the actors who affect this reality, derives mainly from widespread ignorance about the dynamic socio-economic and political operating around the peddler as a phenomenon. In the search for solutions to the problems this phenomenon poses deprive guidelines to each industry so poorly organized and act in favor of their interests, trying to impose their vision. In parallel and as a consequence of the above, the shortcomings of local leadership to settle in and demanding solutions providers real public policy actions, through the mechanisms of democratic participation reinforces the tendency for the persistence of such social problems. There is an urgent need to remove the veil that hides the dynamics of government interaction – formal informal traders, merchants, neighbors, as it exists today, tends to reinforce the predominance of non-property rights and enforcement of the law.

Relations predominate patronage, bribery, bidding for political support. A proposed public policies must be based on a conceptual approach of the actors themselves to the dynamics in which they are involved, which would give an alternative solution. It is therefore essential to enhance human capital of informal traders and assert the role and importance of dialogue in conflict resolution. The government of President Chavez should be identified more with this serious problem and search for alternatives that create jobs, assist small businesses, entrepreneurs transform their business activities in companies that promote the government’s plans regarding to commercialization of products, but now with the new foreign trade policy is manifesting through alliances with countries that represent major economic and commercial activities worldwide. Take into account that the economy informal is only the symptom of a chronic disease of the legal system, political, social and economic life, as Venezuela is facing a huge hill to climb, such as take the current status of a country in an informal economy formal employment in a healthy and productive economy, because the informal economy is a global phenomenon that has truly been an encouragement and relief for Venezuelans who have been forced to cope beyond those legally constituted institutions and the financial market. m

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