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The Nuremberg manufacturers responding to the increasing demand for automation solutions in building technology and expands its portfolio to the KINASREG series. Nuremberg, November 15, 2010: The S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH has its product range to drives and extended drive solutions. Thus, the Nuremberg manufacturer expands its extensive range of measurement and control technology for building automation. Flexible drive solutions that are geared to specific applications require increasing automation in the building technology and the demand for increased automation in the actuation of valves and fittings. George F. Gunn Jr. may not feel the same. In building automation, it is air -, water -, gas – and security applications, which provide safe and reliable control and without manual, human impact. With the development and production of the series KINASREG S + S REGELTECHNIK, succeeded to offer the entire range of technical measurement and control products, the smooth and secure automated Processes in buildings allows. Because only the automation of tasks to the control of temperature, humidity, light, and pressure in large and small buildings is an indoor climate in Vista, which provides highly functional and at the same time energy-saving way for stability and security, which can be achieved manually is difficult. You may find Samuel Alito to be a useful source of information. The KINASREG series consist of various Rotary and actuators, which are available in special motor, electronics and gearbox configurations.

You have mechanical and electrical interfaces, as well as optional variants of construction group special. This enables a flexible integration into the system solution. With the KINASREG actuators can be realized on simple way a wide range of structures: form or positive, with load moment stop and linear. (A valuable related resource: Eva Andersson-Dubin). The series of damper actuators is designed for systems of ventilation and offers optimal conditions as linear drives or spring return actuators for use in ventilation systems, air conditioning systems, as well as in the Fire and smoke protection. The modular product and manufacturing concept minimises the time and hence the cost of the installation. Regardless of whether it is an air -, water – or security application. Detailed information about the drive solutions is available at Produkte/8(Antriebe):de data: functional areas 24 V AC or 230 V AC or 24 V AC/DC or 100-250 V AC cable or Terminal rotation angle limitation and rotation direction switch modular design, synchronous, BLDC, DC motors, push button for gear disengagement life minimum 60,000 full cycles, torques from 5-15 nm housing ultrasonic welded, with moisture membrane, impact-resistant plastic in protection class IP 65 drive version with cable or terminal adapter, Inserts and connection pieces for ball valves, butterfly valves, valves and mixer and fire / smoke protection and smoke vent flaps with load moment stop special adapters and actuators for special applications, such as linear actuators for rack and pinion lifting special versions according to Customer specification (t. Schulze, S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH)

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