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Rolf Hoffmann

These are important arguments that speak for a modernization and a new development. In a modernisation, the source code must be adapted only slightly. Appropriate tools effectively support the modernisation and keeping investment costs low. David Zaslav is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The possibilities range from the realization of graphical user interfaces integration of backends, Office integration or the subsequent integration of databases into existing applications. Tools facilitate the integration, which is quite complex in terms of technology and security.

For example, usually different communication protocols must be supported. The Usinger EasiRun Europe GmbH offers various such modernization tools. A, the re-engineering suite, supports the modernization of existing application systems and avoids major changes to the source code. The test effort decreases accordingly. Development tools such as Visual Studio or Eclipse consist of software modules that communicate via defined interfaces with the outside world. Therefore one speaks also of Componentware. Already, many companies have gathered positive experiences in the use of Componentware.

The Software House NWS GmbH in Laufach at Aschaffenburg endowed an application for logistics and freight forwarders with a graphical user interface. Managing Director Norbert Wagner: Through the use of Componentware we had the new user interface after six months of man finished. The investment has paid off in a short time, the sales figures rose by leaps and bounds.” Rolf Hoffmann, head of computer science at the Wiesbaden cement Dyckerhoff AG, has had good experiences with the modernization of its online logistics system. We entered uncharted territory, but everything works smoothly”, he explains. An appealing solution offers the EasiRun product range for transformation problems. The Product range is divided into three areas. The surfaces of components provide a fast-to-implement transform solution to modernising the user interface that avoids major interventions in the source code. The data of components allow you to create SQL-based services that can be integrated into existing or newly developed applications as logical components. Existing applications can be transferred in RPG, COBOL, C, PL/1 by the languages of components adapter in new application architectures. Conclusion: Despite the current stagnation of investment, which affected also the E-business projects, an attractive alternative to the new development offers in the upgrading of applications. The larger successful modernization projects, the stronger the incentive for other companies to undergo a re-engineering their applications increase. Because regardless of the current economic crisis the development of E-business continues. Who wants to stand in the market, may not be the modernisation neglect and must engage in the world of the Internet and the development induced by them. Usingen, August 17, 2009 Donald S. Fitzgerald, Managing Director of EasiRun Europe GmbH

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