Promoting Democracy in Algeria


During the internments, the hospitalized person brings inside obtains a representative load of the experiences and experiences of institutions that assist in the treatment. With this bonds with people are created who are passing for the same process that they and with the professionals of these places, mainly in say respect to it to the adoecimento for neoplasias where the sick person meets fragilizado very. Filed under: Walt Disney. if treating to child the imaginary human being of certain form does not support to see or to feel that this was diagnosised with an illness that destroys in peculiar way the organism it human being, and being this the cancer, the stigma of folloies it to the death. The child is submitted the strong treatments, the loss of autonomy, the changes in its routine, that is, an adaptation to this new world is necessary. As it observes Schliemann (2007) in some cases to the physical sequels transforms the auto-image of the citizen. The health professionals if sensetize with the state of the patient, always objectify the treatment and the cure, but this nor it is always possible.

For Schliemann (2007) these possibilities are basic for an evaluation of the investment on the cure of the patient and a subjective vision stops with the same. The loss of a patient where the team all invested a treatment weighed for its cure becomes everything painful for all very. After all the attempts for the cure of the child and when the medicine does not correspond more to the critical state of the patient, the team it suffers with the frustrated expectations, the impossibility to make more than what if it can, cause feelings of unreliability not only in the people who is part of the health team, as all that they had lived deeply the done investments and the suffering past, as its cuidadores, familiar and friends.

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