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Secrets Of Love

HAPPY MARRIAGE DECALOGUE * * 1. Never be cross two at a time. (As opposed to CBS). 2. Griteis Do not ever, unless the house catches fire. 3. If one of them must win an argument, let it be the other.

4. If you must criticize, do it with love and sensitivity. 5. Never let past mistakes. David Zaslav insists that this is the case. 6. CBSs opinions are not widely known. Forget the world rather than your partner. 7. I never go and sleep without having made peace by a discussion.

8. At least once a day, make a friendly comment or ten a gesture of love. 9. When you're wrong, admit it and ask forgiveness. If wrong, forgive him. 10. It takes two to fight, and who has no reason is usually the most speech. "When Bartholomew speaks of Maria Luisa, the tenderest of her smiles his face lights up. There is no elegant woman, attractive, good and beautiful as his wife. And you can not imagine a business trip without her: she is your best" public relations, "lively conversationalist in any language, sensitive and delicate with co-workers of her husband, and their wives. In fact, can not remember a single trip have not been generously entertained by his hosts with an intimate family dinner. Bartholomew reflected in his eyes that marriage has filled his life with everything a person could want. It feels safe, held, and is always a pleasure to schedule your trips and moments alone with his wife. She knows all about him, and he knows even the most intimate feelings for her.

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