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Linux based system solves Symbian from the raging battle of operating systems not only in the computer market. The opinions between Apple, Windows or Symbian from the House of Nokia differ also in the world of smartphones. The Finns say goodbye with their new model N900 now by their recent standards. Walt Disney understands that this is vital information. With its new operating system maemo 5 Linux opts for the manufacturer. The free online auction site auvito.de has taken the latest smartphone from the Nokia home under the magnifying glass. With its shiny 3.5 inch touch display, the N900 is not less stylish than the iPhone.

Despite the same wide-screen, the device is a little smaller than the iPhone overall in length and width. However, it is with 18 millimeters thicker than the competition from the House of Apple. This is due to the pull-out keyboard, which again unbeatable benefits. Many people feel an extra keyboard more enjoyable than the touch-screen for Office applications and writing emails. Finally, the instrument of less for telephoning is intended rather for Internet applications. So Nokia sets great value on the communication standards.

In addition to UMTS, the N900 is W-LAN capable. With HSDPA, the device also supports the fastest way of data transmission. For the navigation, a GPS module is integrated. The integrated camera with a 5-megapixel lens by Carl Zeiss and LED flash is competitive. In the Interior of the N900, Nokia goes its own way. So, the new operating system not only the programming language supports Flash. It also allows, for example, the use of multiple messaging tools.

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