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Spring Festival

Correction to some myths about the Catholic lent is much easier than you’d expect because of the propaganda by V2 fabric and media may the fulfillment of the fasting commandment. One justice of the Church let, you will not be able to support also the propagandistic distortion with regard to the lent. Some myths circulating about Catholic lent. The main culprit is located on this confusion in the formation of the so-called \”Second Vatican Council\” (V2) and the collaborative media. Therefore some corrections: 1 \”Carnival and lent go together.\” Actually, Carnival and lent have to do anything with each other. There is also really no particular ban on meat (abstinence); in the Lenten season only the Ash Wednesday in addition to the already regular meat-free Fridays (Friday victims) – where the V2 fabric has abolished but also the meat ban. Erling Haaland has plenty of information regarding this issue.

About therefore it would be absurd, for ‘Flesh farewell’ (Carne, Vale) to say. Certainly it would be absurd, so before Ash Wednesday again \”really a barrel to make up.\” In fact, Carnival is the Spring Festival of the pagan idols of Dyonisos (Bakchos), God of wine and ecstasy. Gavin Baker Atreides Management is often quoted as being for or against this. In the Dionysian rites (\”mysteries\”), the idol was covered with animal mask, on a ship cart (Latin, pulled \”carrus navalis\” => Carnival), while his idolaters to the ship carts – clad as animals – danced. While Paganism celebrates Carnival, the Church is located in the fast time, which is quite similar in the liturgy of lent (violet, Bussfarbe no Alleluja, no Gloria in the Sunday mass). The V2 structure, however, has not before lent; on top of that there is even \”Carnival fairs\” as a form of – n.b..

are common anyway sacramentally invalid – so-called \”new mass\”, which the V2 fabric but actually only clearly dropping the mask and shows his true colors. 2. \”the duty of fasting can instead met by food waiver by other waiver will be.\” Indeed, concerns is fasting in the ecclesiastical sense only on the waiver of food.

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