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The Administration

Relations between both concepts have been presented from three perspectives. Some authors consider that the leadership part, among others, of the responsibilities of the Manager. Davis and Newstrom (2003) assert that leadership is an important part of the Administration, but is not the only one. (p.194). in addition to lead, they point out, managers are also planning activities, organize structures and control resources (Ibid.) for other authors, leadership is a more general management (or management, or management) process. Hersey et to the. (op. cit.) They point out: in essence, leadership is a broader concept than administration.

The Administration is a special kind of leadership, governed by the attainment of organizational goals (p. 7). Finally, other scholars just conceive the leadership and management as two different processes (without that none include the other), which may be complementary and sometimes even incompatible. Burt Nanus (1994), for instance, has written: the tasks and functions of the leaders are different from the managers, as what are its perspectives, skills, assessments of success and functions within the organization. In many cases, leadership is a full time job, and those who seek to be managers and leaders at the same time have difficulties to perform both task effectively (p.

41) Caroselli (2002), in line with this approach, accurate: while a manager working for the goals of the Organization, the role of the leader consists of defining new objectivesreview and recycle the old or initiate new lines of action (p. 3) to be consistent with the vision of the authors whose approaches are presented later in this article will retain the traditional view of management as a broader concept that includes leadership. 4. Administrative or managerial functions achieve organizational objectives through the coordination of the individual efforts of others, is not a process that can leave to chance. It requires systematic of a set of activities that are usually grouped into several administrative or managerial functions.