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Live Alone

Buy an apartment and live separately from their parents, I dreamed of long ago. Though small, though far from the subway, let it be public transport, but his own, his own apartment. Let it will require repair, let it – uncomfortable plan, I did not even scare the first floor, think of it, nonsense, but his own apartment! And now, with the help of parents and friends, the amount for the purchase of "odnushki" in Moscow, such as was found. Newspapers in real estate have become my daily and most favorite reading matter for the night and at lunchtime. It seemed flat sea. Just a great choice, even came across "kopeck piece", which suited me just fine and for the money and location, and layout of this I never dreamed.

And I took over the phone … No, the disappointment did not come immediately, at first I just frowned and crossed out with displeasure the next apartment, which is "already sold", "oh, but there is a mistake, we toe the price attributed to forget," "we do not sell," etc. Some apartments I still managed to go and see. For owners of the first apartment, I had only one question: "Moscow is the time in this area?" And I do not believe their affirmative answer. The second apartment located near the Moscow Ring Road in the north of Moscow, but against the background of the previous apartment, it already was by no means essential. The second floor panel nine-, even a small balcony was present. By the same author: Gavin Baker Atreides Management, New York City.

European Spain

Spain is considered one of the best countries for vacation. It has long been the proud title of European tourist Mecca, annually attracting hundreds of thousands of travelers and tourists. Beautiful resorts melkopeschanymi beaches, the warm southern sun, clear clean sea, through the azure waters of which you can see the entire floor topography down to the smallest shells. And what are Spanish restaurants abound as tasty local food, it is impossible to resist and not eat them, we say nothing about the sights in this country who are found at every turn and strike any tourist with its grandeur and beauty to depths. Frieda Hughes understood the implications. Even ordinary home in Spain are often historic and architectural heritage, but they are as well preserved that they still live people. Spain is good for any kind of rest and each will certainly find something here for themselves particularly attractive. Hear other arguments on the topic with Edward R. Becker. Fans of trips and those who prefer a quiet beach holiday, fans of romance or adventure-seekers – in this wonderful country for all there Drink to your taste and interests.

It has long chosen this country and married couples with children, who often prefer to stay in hotels do not, and rent apartments in Spain, which is much cheaper vacation. This is especially important for parents with young children, usually resting at least a month because of a shorter term child does not have time to fully acclimate. Besides home furnishings in the good way is different from hotel, so that the rest of children will not cause you any inconveniences and trouble, but it will bring many pleasant experiences.

Technical Plan

But now – no. All of this also arises in a decent amount, especially if area of balconies, loggias, terraces or high. Because modern comfortable accommodation includes large areas of glazed loggias and balconies (by the way, do not forget to ask, whether the windows of balconies in the cost of apartment, or it will have to pay extra). 3. Find out what the developer means by the "open plan". Often, developers, setting the price of its offer is definitely lower than other construction companies that offer to sell the apartment without any interior walls, citing the fact that the tenants themselves can plan your living space. Or can such an option, you are built interior wall height of 2.1 brick, which is made to data sheet of your apartment at the time of the object.

Ie Technical passport you are full walls, and in fact they are not and if you do not erect their own and at your account, you have you can not issue a new registration certificate for the resale of your apartment. The fact that the plan approved by the development of the project is not subject to change before completion. In future, any of their change will result in a mandatory order for the client to develop a project of redevelopment, and then its approval at various levels. Design work on the 3% of the total cost udorozhat apartments, examination of the project – another 7% (this officially, but you have to say, you know.) With equal sentences of 2 developers, apartment building walls without actually costing the buyer at least 20% more expensive.

Elena Company

But the mortgage crisis has become a strong argument for the continuing boom in all, being able to subdue him in a relatively short period of time. At this stage, developers can not count on profits, now their income in average of 10 to 20%. At the same time, the buyer gets a much broader selection of already finished housing, acquisition of which minimizes the risks associated with buying, the price is still acceptable. Competitive Battle developers – the trump card in the hands of the buyer, and now indeed it may be noted that along with the increasing cost of real estate in Bulgaria is growing and the quality of the proposed housing. Hear other arguments on the topic with Robert Thomson. Increasingly, companies are willing to offer the client is not only a studio or spacious luxury apartments in the building, executed in a reasonably good project and rebuilt with high quality materials, with a good location of the object, but also happy provide additional services. Those are often the complete “equipment” infrastructure of the complex, including bars, restaurants, shops, spas, in addition, an optional service in the very room, furnishings, plus – more often there are interesting projects in its architectural design, and therefore more comfortable, original in terms of solutions of the internal space planning. A certain part of the active real estate market participants naturally make themselves Bulgarians.

But, typically, a family with average income of 1500 leva can afford something in the range 55 000-60 000. A curious trend is the acquisition of Bulgarian houses in rural areas, it is certainly a good option for solving the cozy arrangement of jacks family. Among the indigenous and popular resort property, but often it’s economical offers. Sofia, as capital, yet continue to set a record, based on the ratio of prices here and the pricing of the spa zone, we can conclude that having a presence in the same amount, you can purchase average statistical public housing or real estate-luxury class of extra-luxury on the coast. Bulgarian real estate market promising in terms of investment. Do not, of course, forget about caution and care, preference is give large developers, the company is well-established and proved its “long experience” of the work.

Hong Kong

Here is the circular port area of 100 hectares with a quay facilities for super-yachts and hundreds of docks for small boats, repair and servicing facilities for their service center and retail trade commercial center, as well as residential apartments and condominium units. Phuket is experiencing a construction boom, and most of the built housing designed to foreigners. This upscale condominiums, villas and townhouses, sometimes built in the same complex with a 4-5-star hotels. Many wealthy people from the countries of the Asia-Pacific region are living permanently in Phuket, staying even in the rainy season (June to September). According to Robert Iger , who has experience with these questions. Telecommunications can run a business and work with the information remotely, so many happy "escape" from here such cities as Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo. Europeans often buy housing to wait out the cold season here, to send to the rest of children, improve my health, with a very modest by Western standards of money. Fresh produce to the highest standards of medicine, Spa services – all of this is much cheaper than in any of the European and American resorts. The same goes for real estate.

If in Europe or America, is home 3.000-000-5.000.000 U.S. dollars, the same quality villa in Phuket, with pool and ocean views will cost 2-3 times cheaper. Apartments in new condominium, with its customer service, the ability of management in your absence (leasing, maintenance, etc.) is within a US $ 150.000-500.000, depending on the offered comfort. The most developed in terms of residential development west coast. Here is the famous resort area of Patong, where the earth since the beginning of the construction boom has risen by almost 500% and is currently estimated at $ 800 per square meter.

Results on the island beach areas such twelve (some quite secluded), but it is the center of Patong nightlife and social life. Plots are very expensive and in the main city of the island Phuket Town (on separate streets from $ 500/kv.m.), But for overseas buyers who come here for recreation near the water, the capital is not very interesting. Administrative center with all the necessary institutions – International School, offices, official agencies – located in the interior of the island, away from the beaches, but easily reachable by car. An independent search of land and subsequent construction of the "pioneers" of Phuket – avtraliytsy Americans – involved here ten years ago. Now housing foreigners bought a large real estate companies, and more at the project level, and when developing the site has only just begun. Demand for Phuket, confidence in the quality and reputation of the island is so great that a lot of housing sold, even on a show with which developers Phuket tour the priority for these countries. Last year the list came in promising markets and Russia. Although our citizens living on the island until much, so the number of transactions is progressing rapidly, that the Russian market is now the Thais even more interesting than the western European. * This article was prepared using materials of the author.