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There is also the possibly somewhere located function of the webmaster. This complementary task structure, the security topic in practical everyday life loses a clear association with negative consequences for the real level of Web security. 3. Comprehensive test current security status: almost 500 different types of attacks with different exposure effect for Web applications are currently known. Therefore it requires analyses of complex penetration procedures where possible access risks be determined. Tools with an automated scanning of Web applications that provide a relatively comfortable way.

Their report provides concrete evidence of what hazards exist. Recommended especially for critical Web applications such as Internet stores additional structured Manual penetration testing, where at the same time the technical and organizational conditions of Web security to check. 4. Security processes into the change management integration: because Web applications are subject to continuous change through functional enhancements and technical innovations, a permanently fragile security situation can arise. For this reason, systematic safety measures as an integral part of the changes are necessary that both process as clearly shown in the responsibilities that need to be. Regularly new penetration testing among the basic obligations are by technical interventions in the Web applications, to determine possible security implications. 5.

Emergency management organize practical: even if optimal safety precautions were taken, problems in the face of the constant new attack methods can never be excluded. This will require the development of emergency scenarios with different levels of escalation to fast in case of need according to defined procedures and to be able to act effectively. The creation and maintenance of contingency plans is however not a one-time event. Rather, it is an ongoing process that can be useful to its complexity often only tool supported.

ESTOS CTI Software

ESTOS and Siemens combination represents the best available solution for scalable and multi-tenant hosted unified communications scenarios Starnberg, June 10, 2010 just confirmed the compatibility of ESTOS solution blocks for unified communications with the OpenScape voice V4 by Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN). The certification was held within the SEN technology partner program and includes the product of ESTOS ProCall enterprise, as well as the middleware ESTOS ECSTA. The advanced partner ESTOS can therefore as one of the first manufacturers worldwide the smooth deployment of its applications officially ensure Siemens OpenScape voice V4 with the. The combination of ESTOS and SEN is perfectly suited for use as a scalable, hosted unified communications solution in data center, or service provider environments. The certification includes the use of the label HiPath ready”for the products of ESTOS ProCall 3.0 Enterprise and the middleware ESTOS ECSTA 3.0.

By responsible authority at Siemens Enterprise Communications was thus the smooth operation of the ESTOS confirmed solutions with the OpenScape voice V4. The OpenScape voice is a native SIP based real-time IP system that using of service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles was developed and thus based on open IT standards. The platform can thanks to the scalability easily the respective business needs to adapt with 300 up to 100,000 users per system it is suitable for use in small and medium-sized and large networks and data centers in particular also in service provider and carrier scenarios. The unified communications solution ESTOS ProCall designed Enterprise 3.0 with CTI, instant messaging, and presence management with regard to the requirements of medium-sized companies. The ESTOS ECSTA 3.0 series is a highly scalable, Protocol-converting middleware and enables the coupling of Microsoft Windows-based applications with telephony systems in particular with the OpenScape voice V4 by Siemens Enterprise communications.

The current generation of ESTOS Product line includes support of the latest Microsoft operating systems in 32 – bit and 64-bit: Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. The C + ITEC AG, a professional system integrator and service provider in the area of unified communications, as well as partner of ESTOS and Siemens Enterprise Communications, uses this solution successfully a first installation: we see in hosted solutions potential, Daniel Karadza, consultant of the C + ITEC if these seamlessly in the existing it world of our customers integrate AG and responsible for the OpenScape voice and unified communications sectors. Combining ESTOS ProCall 3.0 and OpenScape voice from Siemens Enterprise Communications provides voice and CTI from the cloud without compromising on the integration into existing business processes. This is the key advantage of the combination compared to other solutions.” You get more information to the ESTOS unified communications solution components and a free 45-day trial (no registration) on our website About ESTOS since 1997, develops and distributes the ESTOS GmbH innovative standard software, and is now a leading manufacturer of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions are used to optimize the workflow in communication-intense areas of business. Numerous strategic technology and sales partners in Europe and has today more than 200,000 customers benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer is advanced partner of Siemens Enterprise Communications, as well as Microsoft Gold Certified partner and has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich. For more information see. Press contact ESTOS GmbH Hille Vogel of Inc. str. 3a 82319 Starnberg E-Mail:

Boehringer Ingelheim

Learn from business intelligence: what is PI concerning the production, has established (BI) tend to be business intelligence at the business level for a results-oriented management of the relations. Because both areas are closely parallel in its basic orientation on code-based control methods – precise analysis and intelligent use of recycled information. Therefore it is the production intelligence strategies to face, with the development processes and Introduction conditions of BI to deal with it conceptually and operationally usable knowledge to derive. 7 close link with the business systems: in a majority of the company lacks a FELTEN study on a harmonious coordination between the production and business processes. Without a strong integration can however not optimally exploit the performance potential and also the PI strategies are being restricted in their capabilities. In this respect is to ensure that a differentiated analysis by linking production and business information will be available for a tight integration.

Ideally, procedures are developed that allow close interaction of technical production intelligence and business intelligence tools. 8 PI strategies require a cooperative philosophy: typically at least the production management and IT involved intelligence relationships in the development and implementation of production, the additional involvement of the Executive Board is certainly beneficial. In the core principle must be aimed at an intelligent merging of different skills, even if IT and production have traditionally different viewpoints. Because it so often doesn’t work in practice, a moderator with a technical understanding of both sides should be used in the critical planning and coordination processes for the PI strategy. Its function must be to eliminate the typical difficulties of understanding between the two sides. About FELTEN GmbH: The FELTEN GmbH is an international operating software and consulting company, the solutions to optimise processes for all production areas and according to international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21CFR part 11) developed.

Clients include Beiersdorf, Boehringer Ingelheim, Symrise, Sensient, Texas instruments, etc. among the customers.

Hans Kemeny German

Maxflow uses through the use of SAP standard tools, such as ArchiveLink, GFT hyparchiv as audit-proof archiving system, to store of the processed documents. By simple customizing all test steps can be optimally adjusted to the business needs. maxflow is for all SAP release 4.6 c available. CRM (customer relationship management) with bpi sales performer better customer relationships through more knowledge of the bpi sales performers throughout the company depicts the entire relationship management with the current data with customers and business partners. As an example of the practice-oriented CRM and portal solutions, bpi solutions informed how simplifies the internal cooperation between the individual functional areas, the continuous exchange of information with external partners supported and statistics are fully evaluated. As a highlight, a deep insight into the extensive complaint management and all object management is given for the first time at CeBIT. SRM (supplier relationship management) with bpi SRM – improved ability to provide information and greater planning security in the purchase of bpi SRM is the advanced solution a company-wide, improved information base in the whole shopping area. Bpi SRM controls the entire management of the relationship with the suppliers.

Current purchasing conditions, management of contracts, comprehensive statistics and evaluations provide information on the current situation and are essential tools for the planning of the next activities. BPI solutions presents its solutions at two workstations at the booth of VOI in Hall 3, A29 from 4th to 9th March 2008. About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, helps its clients successfully Optimization and automation of their business processes through the use of standardized software and industry-oriented distribution solutions. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Focuses on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management and cross media publishing, as well as the areas of business process management, document management and archiving. As a system integrator bpi solutions operates very successfully in the areas of business process integration and document for over 15 years management. The products of GFT Solutions, which integrate not only systems, but also enable the business process modeling, monitor the processes and evaluate the results and make the optimization of business processes to provide real time information based on standard technologies are the basis for this. Innovative process integration, effective data management and audit-proof archiving company achieved significant Efficiency gains and through proactive, secure their competitive advantage.

OPTIMUM Starts Cooperation With MVTec

New goals with new partner since the end of March which is optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH in Karlsruhe (www.optimum-gmbh.de) official partner of MVTec, a leading international manufacturer of software solutions in image processing. The Munich company created one of the largest image processing libraries, which internationally is used in many application areas with the ubiquitous software HALCON. It is the ideal partner for new developments in intelligent image recognition, providing optimum especially for companies in the logistics. As a certified integration partner is the optimum GmbH of one of the selected members in the MVTec affiliate program. This allows the machine vision specialists to be able to access over one hundred years of mathematical experience firsthand and in combination with own adaptations and the existing knowledge go better on the individual needs of its customers.

It was also the successful implementation of the algorithms of HALCON that optimum allowed a place in the CIP program. For the Karlsruhe company MVTec software is a key enabler for processes in the industry 4.0. Experts from optimum teach the database application to the reliable recognition, because smarter Klaus developed the self image processing system”offers a camera-based alternative to the usual detection on the basis of RFID. We are clever implementation of sophisticated logarithms with our partner MVTec able to master even the most complex challenges of image recognition. “The difference in image recognition, feature extraction, and QR is particularly striking- or bar code reading”, explains Wolfgang Mahanty, Managing Director of optimum GmbH in Karlsruhe, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary. “The Karlsruhe in each of these areas of experience gathered during this period and especially the term intelligent image processing” shaped.

This is the identifying of objects on the basis of characteristics, which are stored in a database. The combination of HALCON logarithms and the database technology allows the system, to check not only a product on many characteristics, but a wide variety of products at high speed. The crafty Klaus took his last bet”for a manufacturer of interior trim parts for air traffic. There, the system checks parts if any error-free and, for example, seams or buttons completely available and free of defects. Thus, it is ensured that the goods in the desired state, find their way to the customer. HALCON provides the ideal base for image recognition the sophisticated algorithms of Halcon software has used optimum in this project and adapted, have greatly the work. Put over 25 years of experience in the system, and make a very suitable instrument for optimum GmbH HALCON. Membership in the MVTec certified integration partner program gives optimum security, also in the future when new challenges professional support of her new partner to build on.

At CeBIT, The ITIL Visionary Is Wanted

Business game of ITSM Consulting AG rated the innovative thinking on the issue of IT service management Baloch, 23.02.2011 – that ITSM Consulting AG has for the ITIL visionary”developed an online app, which participants can use to test how visionary they think in terms of ITIL. A total of 12 questions, dealing with the possible further development and the future perspectives of the IT service management are. CeBIT 2011 trade visitors can participate at the booth of the consulting firm (Hall 9, stand A08 in the public sector PARC). In the spectrum of business games are, for example, the expectations for the future strategic positioning of ITSM, control, quality, tools and key performance indicators. Also, the participants should give opinions on the development dynamics of the IT service management compared to the IT technologies and business applications. Depending on the number of points are participants as ITIL-purist, summiteers ITIL, ITIL visionary or ITIL Highflyers categorized.

They get displayed and sent on request via E-mail to the assessment then connected with a detailed explanation after at the booth of ITSM Consulting AG automatically. With this interactive self analysis we want to put impetus to the debate on the future face of IT service management”, explains Frank Zielke, Director of ITSM Consulting AG, the objective. Finally, it is to derive from the answers of the participants, where the companies focus on their own future. Interested parties can register advance to a date for participation in the ITIL visionary”at the CeBIT login: about ITSM consulting the ITSM Consulting AG is an independent, internationally operating IT consulting company in the areas of process optimisation and organisational Consulting IT service management. In addition, the core competencies include the effective and efficient management of IT organizations in the interest of timely and targeted IT governance. At the same time, ITSM Consulting AG is one to the few training houses accredited by the TuV for ISO/IEC 20000 and all ITIL V3 training courses in Germany. Also there is a close cooperation with the ISACA and corresponding COBIT training courses are offered. of think factory groupcom GmbH Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 2233 6117-75, fax: + 49 2233 6117-71

Best European Employers

Softonic was ranked 25 in the rankings for the best European employers Munich, may 27, 2011 Softonic, the leading portal for software downloads in Europe and Latin America, and one of the leading providers worldwide, has employers of Europe in the category of 50 to 500 employees ranked the 25 in the rankings of the best. Each year by the great place to work Institute created best workplaces “list recognizes the best companies in Europe in relation to their workplace culture and employment branding (www.greatplacetowork.de/ best/list-eusme.htm). Softonic is the best company in the European ranking, what further consolidates its position as one of the best employers of the continent for the second time in a row. From employee surveys, in which employees assess the values and corporate culture of the participating companies, the Institute identified the employers with the best ratings in categories such as collegiality, work climate, good working relations between co-workers and superiors, or aspirations of the company professionally and privacy of employees together to reconcile. Maria Franquesa, human resources manager at Softonic, do this: the fact that we have been awarded as best employer in Spain recently and now as one of the best in Europe, in favour of our business model which focuses entirely on the staff. Softonic has always invested in human capital, because we know how important are satisfied employees for the growth of our company. This recognition motivates us to continue this path together with the staff.” Since its inception Softonic is committed, to create the best possible working environment for its staff. This is reflected in the buildings themselves, which in addition have the canteen, numerous Cafes and the in-house library game -, massage and relaxation rooms. With regard to social security benefits, the company offers its employees including flextime, to private and professional life to unite with one another, private health insurance and gift vouchers at the Birth of offspring.

Contact Center Manager

Social media in the contact center not yet critical to success of Tubingen, October 18, 2011 a very mixed picture results in a recent survey among Contact Center Manager at the last almato user forum in Stuttgart. On 6th and 7th October around 50 decision-makers of call and contact centers met in the Baden-Wurttemberg state capital to discuss for two days current issues in the industry. For seven years, invites the almato GmbH, a provider of solutions for real time interaction management and quality monitoring, each one in the autumn to this two-day Forum. Very mixed and inconsistent answers were the respondents, what concerns the perceived importance of the telephone customer service within the company. “” Is the proportion of those who believe that the contact center as unloved cost center “is perceived, exactly as big as the proportion of those who believe that the contact center as a real profit center” is seen. The Group of those who believe that are similarly that the contact center be considered as necessary, which must provide its customers with a company”or as important tools for customer satisfaction and marketing channel”. Much more agreement there is in assessing the future of the telephone customer service. About half of the respondents think that the phone also in future a significant role in the mix of different communication channels will be playing is.

Only a small minority thought that the telephone customer service will increase in importance. The Group of those who believe that new channels, such as, for example, social media, the phone will solve almost completely is equally small. Even if the near end of the telephone customer service is virtually daily proclaimed by numerous marketing and PR strategists, the reality looks but still quite different”, explains Peter s. Hall, Managing Director of almato GmbH. of course social media is a topic that the decision-makers concerned.

Comprehensive German Language Training Program

Extensive courses also again 2014 eoda R Academy celebrates 3 years and enjoys growing popularity new courses for users from industry and academia such as big data and Hadoop with R Kassel, 26.09.2013. That the free statistical language R also in German-speaking countries increasingly gaining popularity, has several reasons. In addition to commercial solutions such as SPSS, Stata, or SAS R comes increasingly to the analysis of small and large amounts of data for use in scientific institutes as well as in government agencies and companies. “We get more requests from institutions and companies in all industries who want to insert R for ad-hoc analysis or develop their business applications with R and analytical modules. The holistic nature of the R Academy training program enables to exploit the huge potential of R and employ profitably in the own environment. users”explains Heiko Miertzsch, CEO of eoda, the philosophy of the Academy of R. That the volume of data collected in all imaginable fields of application rises, now generally known. The rising tide of information offers the chance to generate new knowledge from the data.

Sometimes it is difficult with existing tools to have the relevant information to make decisions in a timely manner or by means of data mining to identify patterns and to create predictive analytics forecasts. In this environment, the free programming and statistical language R is one of the best options currently. Because in addition to the performance, quality, and the open source, also the possibilities of application integration for R speak character of the software. Also the leading database vendors have recognized this increasingly integrate R into the analysis layer. In addition, R offers many possibilities in the area of multivariate analysis methods. Cluster-, regression and factor analysis can be performed as well with R such as text mining and image analysis. R is ideally suited to creating interactive graphics.

Eoda prospects with the R Academy offers a broad and holistic Training program around the topics R and data analysis on. This offers the R Academy, one of the largest power spectrum with regard to opportunities for further education in the R environment in German-speaking countries. The offer ranges from beginners to programming classes, tailored to users, who already have experience in R, so that any prospective buyer find the right course. The R Academy eoda exists now for three years and could knowledge thus already numerous participants who use R in various application areas, and provide the maximum benefit in the use of R. The R Academy content constantly adapts to the requirements of the business environment, the latest statistical techniques and the growing applications of R. In addition to the application of classical statistical procedures, specific applications, such as the systematic quality controls or the automated reporting are two typical concrete applications of R. Also analysis of large databases (big data) as a further topic many users are on the agenda. Therefore R Academy will include five new courses 2014 the following: programming with R II reproducible research big data with Hadoop R with R applied statistics in quality management with R “after spreading seemingly slower R in Germany than in America or Asia, we feel rates further but a growing interest. We offer also advanced R users to an attractive offer. “, says Mahiskar. Of course the courses carried out already in the previous year as well as the introductory course offered regularly in 2014.