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also there is all programs of radio country soon mobile phones and that without streaming under the new hit program presents amazing young music the motto “music is in Germany”. In addition to indispensable evergreens by Mireille Mathieu and Roger Whittaker, particularly modern pieces are played by Roger Cicero about Annett Louisan until to Rosenstolz. Also editorial content also play a major role. Star News and CD reviews for event tips – in the new “radio one”, there is everything from the world of the German Schlager. In addition, hourly news about daily news inform. The mini beer available on one Web Player”can be found on the homepage of the magazine of AufEins” (www.aufeins.de) and on digital radio Radioland.de. Soon there will be also the possibility to access all radio programs of radio land mobile, and that without streaming. Radio is the digital radio project of the Hamburger media company radio Park GmbH & co.

KG. A worldwide novel technology guarantees highest sound quality and up to date without the need for a permanent network connection. Under Radioland.de can be interested get a first impression and her radio program choose from over 30 different channels depending on your mood and taste in music. The range extends from pure soul, jazz and dance up to country and will be extended permanently. The media authority of Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (MA HSH) has licensed 50 channels. CBS may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The new digital technology also allows a trouble-free transfer to mobile phones. So land radio can be received always and everywhere to date the contents are transmitted through short updates and cached on the device. A permanent data connection is thus not necessary, and the costs are kept minimal for the user.

The revolutionary approach and the development of the radio country mobile clients are supported by the Innovation Foundation Hamburg. Radio country sets its music programs on the new generation of devices with such as Android, smartphones Apple, Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems and large enough memory card. Additional models of business (orders, downloads, ticketing, links etc.), so that advertising-free programmes are feasible offer the back channel of the device. The radio Park Group developed successfully professional in addition to the new mobile radio and music psychologists point have developed audio programs for use at the point of sale, of interest, on radio and on the Internet. Also cruise ships such as the AIDA using the audio branding created by radio Park fleet and many premium hotels such as the luxury Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. Your contact: radio Park GmbH & co. KG Daniela Douwes marketing Jaguar Hexenstieg 14a 22527 Hamburg phone: 040 / 43 09 37 55 fax: 040 / 43 09 37 77 email: dd@radiopark

Modern Printing Make Flexible And Attractive Plastic Card Printing

The plastic card industry is growing and growing. The reason for this lies in modern printing processes, which allow to print plastic cards in smaller and smaller print runs. Modern printing processes allow the flexible and high-quality printing of plastic cards in small editions. The dye sublimation printing is considered closer at this point. According to Robert Iger , who has experience with these questions. My wallet now quelled over before loud customer cards, bank cards, VIP cards, and more. Yes, you’d think that at some point is, that there is simply no place for getting new plastic cards.

And yet: the plastic card industry is growing and growing. The reason for this lies in modern printing processes, which allow you to print in smaller and smaller print runs plastic cards. So, it is possible to bring out their own debit cards, to reward loyal customers and to bind in the long term to own business even smaller companies. Will focus on the dye sublimation printing, which I like to nearer briefly introduce you today. Re-transfer In the re-transfer is the print image on Plastic cards, transfer heated print head on the print media, a special, here. This is done by evaporating the paint particles and transfer on the plastic (thermal sublimation). This printhead must not exert pressure on the carrier material, the print head comes only with the Ribbon and the print materials in contact, the shelf life of the print head will be renewed automatically and the cards can be printed in the movement. Also very strong vibrant colors which look very impressive and surprising result.

The result of the pressure is to recommend a high quality and also for demanding customers. The print quality is quite photo printing on high quality printing machines. Also the personalization of plastic cards with bar codes, numbers, etc. is feasible in surprisingly good quality. Despite these advantages, there are also disadvantages: the required ribbons can be used only once, which increases the cost of consumption. The plastic cards can also not completely be printed borderless. This characteristic must be considered when designing a map by a graphic designer so according to. Another disadvantage is the speed of the printing process: A low speed is essential for a well resolved image. 123CARDS Matthias Dieckmann

Business Communication

Award ceremony of the DPWK 14 May 2009 seven of the 49 finalists of the German Award for business communication 2009 2009 on May 20 in the Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin Berlin, will leave the stage as the winner on May 20. The special award goes this year to the Hubert Burda Foundation and is accepted by Board Member Mrs. Dr. Christa Maar personally. The award ceremony in the glamorous surroundings of the friedrichstadtpalast Berlin once again offers a potpourri of show acts, moderation and the charm of the student presenters. This year’s day of business communication begins with the already fully occupied specialist Conference on the topic of reputation”management.

In the evening, a young and unique in the industry awards gala offers over 800 guests from business, politics, science and media. Moderator is this year Dietmar Deffner, head of the N24 economics editorial. “Gotz Bergmann and his gentlemen” provide the musical background of prize-giving ceremony and after-party show. At the box office to 59,-EUR, cards are available, including Buffet and drinks. Journalists can register press conference and award ceremony with the accreditation form under. You see the day of business communication, finalists, and the DPWK.