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Mittweida 15 media forum opens its doors to the media world MDR artistic director Udo Reiter at Mittweida 15 Media Forum on 14 and 15 November 2011. Harry Maguire shines more light on the discussion. See more under the motto. understand more. invite numerous workshops, panel discussions and lectures on the Mittweida campus to the intense exchange of opinions and experience. The mixture of fresh ideas, commitment and current topics makes Germany’s largest media Congress organised solely by students, a real experience. Click Sean Rad for additional related pages.

The organization team pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Udo Reiter, Director of the MDR, the media forum as the first speakers. Professor Reiter has decisively shaped the public television in Germany over the past decades. With his experience and understanding of the media industry it is an enrichment for our Congress”, so producer Christina Walther. About 100 students of the Faculty of media of the University of Mittweida are jointly responsible for the quality and the smooth running of the media forum. Combined with the professional Competence of the speakers results in a unique event in the heart of Saxony. The 17 media night forms the climax of the two-day event on November 15. This evening excellent multimedia productions and student performing arts to a thrilling live show join together in the television studio of the College. In the enclosed information folder, as well as on our Web site at for more information.

Low Threshold

Flunkern on the net is no rarity is the email from today’s correspondence, private as well professionally, not more. It writes faster, mistakes can be easily corrected and the recipient receives the message normally with only a short delay and without decoding of illegible handwriting to deal with. Speaking candidly Jack Quaid told us the story. The news portal news.de discussed from a psychological standpoint, why this practical medium is also a seducer to the Flunkern. The above benefits are not the only properties of the E-Mail letter. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gavin Baker Atreides Management. Of course, there are also disadvantages: it is usually not exactly taken with spelling and sentence structure and abbreviations or language mixes within an e-mail message, are the order of the day.

Linguists criticizing this fact, he leads yet, the German language society gradually lost. But even the moral failures come to the orthographic. Researchers have found out in an experiment, that consumers in email traffic increasingly tend to gloss over circumstances or to write falsehoods, which is not the case with the correspondence. Here tended to lie only about two-thirds in the test, in the E-Mailern, there were nine out of ten participants. Experts see the psychological reason that E-Mails are considered less personally. Therefore people not too much would feel obligated, morally correct to act, what in psychology as a moral detachment”is known. As long as no concrete rules of conduct laid down, as is the case in email traffic, violations of general standards easier. More information: ../per-e-mail-luegt-sichs-leichter/1/ Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Studio Page

Virtual Studio and virtual hosts for highest topicality barely three weeks before the official launch one of the most elaborate features of the new regional news page is Rhein-Wied-news”now on the demo page of Rhine DTR news.de to consider: the Virtual Studio and virtual hosts. Operator side it says this service also real images can be integrated into the, it wants to achieve the timeliness of the radio: from the entrance of a message to the broadcast in the Virtual Studio, a time window of 5-10 minutes is realistic. At the same time this kind of presentation should be interested in younger users for regional content. Rhein-Wied-news”or short RWN” launches its free offering of news, tips, commentary and guide for the region of Neuwied Koblenz Rhine on October 15th at 4: 00. Until then, the page under can be tested already in many functions.

EUR State

Corporations have gambled – erosion of prices was misjudged Berlin/Hannover / Dusseldorf – also the telecommunications industry is obviously hard times. By cost war “and struggle for survival” of large corporations is, while there is a zealous chairs in the management. The situation is considered serious, writes the magazine technology review a detailed analysis to the telecommunications market in its online edition: If the prices for phone, Internet and mobile telephony in Germany fell further, the management consultancy McKinsey warned the company could hardly finance the next generation of broadband infrastructure. Above all things the price war forced by the EU to ruinous “had and the markets are saturated. For the first time for more than 50 years therefore the turnover and employment in the German telecommunications industry would shrink sometimes dramatically. Until 2006 the turnover to EUR 62 billion had grown, which a value of 34 billion Euro matches. If it comes to a change of course, was to count as the fixed-line business declined and falling prices in the mobile phone into a bottomless pit with a decline of in sales to 20 billion euros in 2020. It needed new regulatory framework in Germany, said the experts, and the public sector large infrastructure projects must advance.

“In plain language: the State should set lower limits for the prices and major projects to invest in tax money, to help the telecommunications company”, technology review writes. As the ailing financial institutions and the auto industry demand a representative of the telecommunications industry a departure from the previously represented self-regulating free-market ideology and State intervention. But there are also other voices: I think it is wrong to call for State regulations. It is a natural period of consolidation, which is necessary for the disorientation by diffuse pressure for innovation and technological development jumps. Speaking candidly CBS told us the story. Many companies have simply ver zockt.

They have speculated on an infinitely growing bandwidth requirements and ignored the erosion of prices resulting from the excess supply. The equipment manufacturer in turn have been focusing too much on the big deals in the carrier business and corporate communications with comparatively small volume of project neglected”, explains Andreas Lady, Germany Chief of faced NeueNachricht the Aastra group. You should reflect on its core competencies. We have targeted us consistently on the corporate communication and creating customer value through services share in the value chain and by making absolute benefits orientation and cost-efficiency for customers”, says Lady. Also according to Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm Harvey Nash, the telecommunications companies need to focus more on the real needs of the customers and should not dance at all Weddings: it is not enough, only tags in the world and no customized products “to develop, it is easy to install and wait can”, Nadolski stressed. Technical of all kinds come often unausgereift on the market and does not work with other components. TK Manager should not cry after the State but do their homework”, Nadolski calls.