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The anlisedo behavior of guineapigs is very used in the course of Psychology to paracolocar in practical the taught theoretical principles in classroom. During asatividades of laboratory experiences are carried through having used the box to deSkinner. The architecture proposal in this article searchs to automatize the box to deSkinner, through the integration of two projects, solving problemasencontrados by the pupils of Psychology during the lessons. s as well. One searchs, atravsdeste work, to benefit to the researchers with the automation of processes quehoje are carried through manually, offering better more necessary resulted conditions to them of anlisee. Introduction Pupils of psychology carries through utilizandocobaias experiments to improve> its referring learnings to the studies on the anlisedo behavior.

For the attainment of answers to the effected experiments you ate animals, normally a rat or pigeon, is used the box of Skinner, that is an appropriate equipment for these experiences, therefore, amongst outrosbenefcios, provides to an ample vision, allowing that the avaliemelhor observer the reactions of the guineapigs to the employed stimulatons. In the done analysis pelosdiscentes in practical lessons, spoon is necessary all the events exercidospelo animal and to write down in a form. During the collection of the data, existesempre a loss of consistency of the information, therefore in order to effect more complete umaavaliao, other 0 variable needs to be verified beyond daresposta the rat on the bar, as, for example, variation of the luminosity, change in the environment, racket, addition of reinforcements, amongst others, hindering atotal attention it pupil, harming the objective it experiment. Two complementary projects of conclusion of course, dFaculdade Ruy Barbosa, had considered solutions of automation of the box of Skinner, having objectified to optimize the practical lessons, following necessities daily pay-estabelecidasde low cost to implement, easy operabilidade, high degree deflexibilidade and good precision of the supplied data.

Engineering Design

Plastic cards are created to serve to build demand for the goods or services the organization can provide the necessary information, support and build sales, inspire confidence, create individual and company image. Therefore relate to the design of the plastic card should be very serious, entrusting works of design professionals who have the necessary knowledge in this area. During the existence of plastic cards accumulated experience in the development of individually designed cards by the customer, we formulate the basic criteria that must be evaluated result. The concept of 'design' refers to the various types of Engineering Design activities aimed at creating the aesthetic and functional qualities of a specific subject. With respect to the plastic cards can distinguish several basic requirements for design: 1. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jack Quaid. Aesthetic – create a person and image of the issuer (bank, trading company, etc.), recognition of the organization to design cards, application details of the issuer's unique design ideas. 2. Functionality – the main technical characteristics of the card, view maps (magnetic, chip, smart card, etc.), recognition of an operator using a map, use and defend against counterfeiting. Taking into account all the requirements in the design of personalized cards, you get the desired result that will satisfy customer. Emotional perception cards From the standpoint of emotional perception maps, the emphasis is on style, composition and color, that first impression. The track is size, shape and location of design elements. These elements can be: The trademark or logo of the issuer; trademark (logo) to a payment or discount system; logos of partner companies, contact device chips (for smart cards); hologram, additional customer information (may be embrossirovana or printed), features a color background.

Archimedes Pressure

Recently I found an interesting aerodynamic dependence. To prove it, such an example: The AN-12. Maximum takeoff weight – 61 tons Wing Area – 121.7 square meters. m. To create the lift force necessary to detach from the aircraft Land enough of a 5% drop in pressure between the upper and lower surfaces of the wing. Five percent of the standard (760 mm. Hg. Column) pressure near the ground is 38 mm. Hg. column. 760 – 38 = 722 mm. Hg. column. According to the table of international standard Atmosphere (ISA), we find that the pressure of 722 mm. Hg. column corresponds to a height equal to 425 meters. Now, attention! Atmospheric column height of 425 meters, with a cross-sectional area 121.7 sq.m. contains within itself the 61 ton air. Coincidence?

In fact, I believe that this dependence is discovered by accident, a purely mathematical way, has more to do with physics than to the aerodynamics. Something akin to the corollary of the Law of Archimedes, for an asymmetric body harder air and balanced in it vertically through the pressure difference above and below this body resulting from its wrapping horizontal air flow. Although, strictly speaking, the law of Archimedes, it is the law of static fluids and gas, and here we are dealing with the dynamics. Very interesting detail in my opening – before it is not described anywhere. That is, I actually turned out to be a pioneer. Using the knowledge gained through my rather big aviation career, I could open and prove that the area between the wing and a cross section four hundred twenty-five meter high pillar is a link that to my discovery of ‘remained in the shadows. “.

State Public Administration

This article has for objective the presentation of a system destined auxiliary in the management of human resources of the republicanism administration. The choice of the subject left of the necessity of if creating um software that it made possible the best capacity of servers in the silicosis of the State of the Tocantins, having for base its professionalism and the activities ends of the agencies. Connect with other leaders such as Andi Potamkin here. I register in castrate by means of it of resume made for the professional and register in castrate Degas for the corresponding agency the vacant, the system it would promote Sacramento of the information contained in the possible data base and would present adequate better servitor the capacity to its profile, become would present to the manager the resumes of professionalization.The public administration counts on a great contingent of nasmais able professionals diverse areas of formation and that in the great majority them cases do not concentrate full in sectors whose administrative services deconvolve possum a direct relation with professional qualification of these servers.

This problem occurs in result of the absence in the nonadministrative scene of a Florencia system that contains all extracurricular of these entrees employees in order to allow to one better adequacy professional interests of the servers and the necessity of qualification hand of in the area of performance of each public agency. The development of a auxiliary software in the management of human resources would bring a solution for this problem, atavist that the department manager would allow to register in castrate vacant contends spearfish desired professionals thus, becoming possible the servers in Toyoda ownership, of the nomination or at the moment of the search of a new capacity, to register in castrate scurrilous and to get of the system the reply of which better capacity would correspond casual professionalization area. This still, after a search in its base dadoes, would present to the manager which more the professionals adjusted Velasquez..

MusicOnHold Amplifiers

Output power of 60 and 120 W respectively, these amps have 6 inputs with individual sensitivity adjustment, input for connecting pbx, line input and output for cascading several amplifiers, five-channel selector zones, allowing selection of any of the five zones Alert or all at once, a built-gong-generators, sirens, five-channel graphic equalizer and Peak power indicator. PAM-60, PAM-120, PAM-240 and PAM-360. High output power (respectively 60, 120, 240 and 360 W), six universal inputs with individual level control and separate tone control for low, middle and high frequencies, priority input for connecting pbx, separate access to the pbx to implement the function 'MusicOnHold', selector zones for 5 channels, the linear input and output for cascading multiple amplifiers, separate adjustment volume of inputs, separate tone controls for low and high frequencies, the light output power, plug-ins, digital tuner, cd player and tape deck, plus a high quality sound and the most "authoritative" by the representatives of desktop amplifier – it's amplifiers are the characteristics of a real leader in the classroom desktop amps. In the class of desktop equipment in addition to Inter M amplifiers are present and combined devices that combine power amplifiers, tuner, tape deck or cd player. POP-30, POP-60 POP-120 – is a digital tuner with 30 radio stations, completely logical cassette player with auto reverse, plus a power amplifier for 30, 50 and 120 W respectively. This processor is endowed with three microphone inputs, the first of which is a priority, universal input selector on the two zones speakers, separate tone controls, built-in chime generator.