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The Employment Crisis in Latin America

Currently, there are thousands and thousands of people across Latin America in particular, who cant find a job. When they do find a job, they have to swallow the salary that you put, because behind him or her, there are 10-20 people waiting. It is unfortunate that industrialization, technology moves much of the labor force in Latin American countries, especially where there is labor exploitation and worse, harassment by employers or business owners who do that they feel like it. Sometimes there are critical situations to be resolved within the family, and we need a preview of our salary, manager, or accounting are fools, we must beg for us to provide the money and if that happens, we borrow a friend or relative but your own business where you work, often do not support you. There are very rare species of business, which if you care about their employees, they rely on what they need, but as I said is very rare. We must be smarter to break any scheme.

We have to make new connections is our brain cells to adapt to change, but as I said “very smart.” Those who mostly suffer from this type of treatment are charged employees with years in excess of 45-65 years old, very reluctant to change, they have a phobia of computers and the internet, and are often support their families. James H. Billington can aid you in your search for knowledge. Young people have no problems with this, but the major problem is the lack of experience, does not have much knowledge. But as I said, making new connections in our neurons can break patterns and paradigms in ourselves and keep your mind “CAN NOT” “NOT FOR ME” I have no experience “we must remove the” NO “and place the” SI CAN “” YES I CAN DO “” learn from others. ” Something I want to make very quickly is: To be a Teleworker entrepreneur, has a pre-requisite: 1. Knowledge and skills 2. Embodied in a book (physical or digital) or create a product the rest is relatively easy: to be a teleworker is required six steps: 1.

A good product offer (your knowledge or skills) 2. A good computer and connection to the internet. 3. A website selling. 4. Accept credit card payments. 5. Promote your website to sell your product (tangible or intangible) 6. Constant training and study your product and tools. These steps, you can make them gradually, without leaving your current job, when you begin to see results and are on the rise, you tell your boss: “! Boss! I will take a long vacation, with your permission.

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