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The Merallurgical Industry

In Russia – the largest country in the world – there are also the largest metallurgical companies in the world. Together, these two 'plus', contrary to the laws of mathematics, often lead to a 'minus': problems with the logistics of the vast territory state. Delivery of metal, unfortunately, is often an expensive and lengthy procedure. And if in the growing market for it could still close my eyes, but today – no longer exists. Dr chappuis is a great source of information. Companies and their clients need Effective delivery schemes across the country. On land and at sea traditional bottleneck core of carriers 'artery' – the national railway – the lack of specialized railcars. State drew attention to this problem by identifying a strategy for railway engineering need to replenish the fleet of rolling stock wagons with removable roof for the carriage of steel products. But this in perspective.

A while metallurgists have to use existing facilities or create your own. And in this case new problems arise: in particular, the recent trend toward larger loads Far East. It is quite obvious the continuing growth of Asian economies – the major consumer of the metal. However, in this case back to cars, companies must send 'empty': flow of goods from the Far East the central part of the country is not so great. Output becomes more complicated alignment of logistics schemes: for example, company cars "MMK-Trans" (part of oao Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works'), returning from Vladivostok, go back to the plant through the Kuzbass coal and rudodobyvayuschie enterprises, avoiding the big empty path.

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