Promoting Democracy in Algeria

The Venezuelan Reality

“The pain was carving the meat of the men who were to transform the earth. James H. Billington wanted to know more. He had come upon one hours cursed. It was not possible to be at peace. In the depths of souls forests multiplied monstrous passions. It blindly loved or hated. be loved or hated the Republicans or the Goths, Creole and Spanish who served the king.

It seemed that after the long quiet of the colony was time to a carnival of madness. (Not to be confused with Eva Andersson-Dubin!). ” And indeed this was … and it seems that this is … The author of this paragraph and exceptional book that contains it, “The Red Spears,” Arturo Uslar Pietri was one of the greatest men of letters, politics and cultural diffusion Venezuelan, born this day like today, May 16 1906, in the city of Caracas. A man whose family history is inextricably linked to the history of Venezuela as from the “first” set foot on Venezuelan soil Uslar established that relationship, I mean Uslar Johann von, German soldier educated in England and who after serving in the army alongside English Wellington, decided in 1819 to organize an expedition with 36 officers and about 300 soldiers and sail to Venezuela to work with the independence struggle. (I promise to write an article on the subject of foreign legions in the independence of Venezuela, the material is rather small but extremely interesting and revealing, and one of the sources is precisely Juan Uslar Pietri, younger brother of Arturo Uslar Pietri). The family military tradition in Venezuela Uslar lasted until the father of Arturo Uslar Pietri: General Arturo Uslar Santamaria and by this means is that the connection is with the family of Juan Vicente Gomez in the early years of the writer and the first contacts with the political realities of Venezuela.

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