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Story on the transformation of fauna and flora. Name; Tavares landmarks Age; 49 years In the year of 2000 &#039 wrote an intitled book of literature; ' the brave and fera' ' that it portraies as well as was matinhos in the decade of 50. More information is housed here: Donn Clendenon. Places where it liveed; Almost all in Matinhos lived its infancy, except a short period of one year that liveed in Paranagu. Profession; Driver Name of the Father; Nelson Tavares Name of the Mother; Diva Local Bardelli Luiza of the interview: Matinhos, 2010-04-04 Interviewer; Leandro Silveira Tavares, pupil of the course of licenciatura in sciences. You it can describe me the Matinhos of its infancy? R: This was a paradise here, a crystalline sea where the fish was abundant, extensive and preserved beaches, to deep a valley with mountains of native bush, I remember when vi Matinhos of the high one of the mount of the daisy, that today calls mount de a Cruz: A plain covered for small arvoredos, kills well green tripping, rivers that emptied in the sea and a set of ten of ways that the plain, few houses and a blue sea cut as veins, at last, this was a paradise here! As it was relation of the man with the environment? R: The caboclo respected, was a complicity relation and respect, all caboclo respected the nature and alone it took off of it what it needed to live, did not hunt for hunting, it did not fish for fishing and it did not deforest for deforesting. Which age the source of income of the Matinhense caboclo? R: Basically it was lived of what it was stood, it hunted, it fished and it collected of the nature. They lived of what the environment served? R: It is, I can say that yes, I have souvenirs of days where our meal was ' ' car' ' (species of native root) with flour, dry fish or almost always a stew of armadillo, Paca, wise person, rare we ate bovine meat, to the times pig meat and chicken, when papa created in the place of fetichism. . .

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