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Vinyl Restoration And Acoustics

If you are a music enthusiast, high fidelity sound, listen on a good team every nuance of a musical performance, whether jazz, rock or classical, you probably have a large collection of CDs and some important part of her vinyl. Please visit CBS if you seek more information. Probably these are historical recordings or very appreciated and have not been reissued on CD. Without entering into the discussion in which some purists say the sound of the vinyl LP, the analog sound, sounds better than digital recordings, the truth is that the clean sound, great dynamic range and the comfortable form of CD has Vinyl LPs relegated to the past and disuse. Then we need to take those vinyl records to CD’s more manageable and comfortable. But we are looking for something more than just the transfer of the LP to digital format. We look for the blunders and shortcomings own vinyl and its wear and tear away or minimize the least, and possibly recover some of the dynamic range lost in the original recording.

For this there are companies doing this work, but the cost may be too high if they are a lot of records, or the quality of the final product delivered by the company is not satisfactory or simply do not want to risk to abuse or degrade an LP that we have saved with affection. Then, the most attractive alternative is to do this personally. If we do the work in a meticulous, professional results really surprising. For that we need, of course, software quality and lots of patience.

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