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MLM is a method of selling increasingly taken into account for the large companies, hastal point that the Wall Street Journal warned this year that by 2050, more than 75% of direct sales will be made by this route. In 2025 are expected to involving between 25% and 35%. Walt Disney will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Or what is the same, the total popularization of the phenomenon. For three main reasons: 1) allows you to gain the loyalty of the customer with a bajisima investment in advertising. That are less costs for manufacturers. (2) Eliminates the middlemen, with what the manufacturer it elevates your profit margin.

(3) The allocation of 50% of turnover between the sales network assumes that this will be active permanently (with due support, clear). An active sales network which does not any extra cost for the manufacturer is a jewel out of reach of the majority of the companies. Dento of a few years, when say I’m Networker is so common as to say am commercial, the vast majority of those black donkeys today rebuaznan will proudly of his ignorance, logical and with good eyes the MLM. Because they already knew that was fantastic. Meanwhile we must follow to ours, without their Caws us depart from our work. In the words of Henry George, all idea new to inevitably by three phrases: first it is ridiculous, then is dangerous, and then.

all the sabian regardless of whether you are a person with little or no experience in the industry of the multilevel, this writing of 3 parts can help you get an idea of the problems that had to pass both the industry itself as the!! independent distributors of each of the hundred companies MLM that there are today in day in the world because of the bad publicity offered by the public media without any basis. What is clear is that anyone who has seen the multilevel as an alternative way of generating a flow of money extra will be dandose an excellent opportunity to improve their quality of life. The MLM is called to be the economic model King in the next few years and the advantages which will become such already are clear to anyone who has read this post. Courage and good luck in your MLM business.

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