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What Is The Best Business?

With pride, one Monday morning, with signs of deterioration in his health, a man tells the weekend it hit, “referring to who was drinking alcohol for several hours and in large quantities. For your understanding and that of those who hear it, this act means manliness, power, economic power and prestige. It shows poverty and insignificance, who can not do it when the occasion calls for it or simply because they were looking forward to it. Maybe in your own home is good food resources for children who are growing and need at least a balanced diet of meat, milk, cheese, eggs, grains, fruits and vegetables, among others. Perhaps there was to cover the basic needs of shelter, clothing, utilities, health and education, because the neighbor or the other does, and he will not be less than the others. In every meeting, whether to celebrate the life or celebrate the death, do not miss the rum abundance.

Often miss a christening or a birthday of a young child, because the situation is to buy the amount of alcohol it takes to look good to society, being that the child would be happier sharing a cake and games her friends, rather than see his family in a drunken state, without paying attention and perhaps ending the party into fights, as the consequences of drinking so much. To have an active social life, is “knowing how to drink, follow the pace accelerated in serving the drink, without showing that the chemical is wreaking havoc in the body and especially in the brain, to which the cells become damaged (neurons), which are the only ones that do not play. Many relationships, favors, arrangements, jobs, recommendations, etc.., Heat will get a few drinks. That is not problem if consumed moderately, with limitations, knowing that the excesses of any kind, are bad, but this does not take much, he who leaves early or refuses to keep pace with others is discriminatory. Due to this general behavior, we can say that selling liquor would be the best legal business there, since it has a great demand that is beyond basic needs, but should consider whether it is good business for a society that does not advance not properly developed by the wasteful consumption.

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