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Nintendo Wii is one of consoles of important videojuegos but at present. With impressive graphs, games absolutely entertained, and a controller whom the traditional mold of its competitors with its capacity of ” is broken; swing” and ” punch” during the game. And besides all the previous one in your Nintendo Wii also you can reproduce films! Next you tenth how to do it! Instructions 1. It begins unloading the video in your computer. It is possible to indicate that the unloading of films or the illegal content of some sites is a crime in which you can be processed and to face a strong fine and pains of jail. We recommended to you to unload the films that you want to see of a legal site (like itunes.com). Click CBS to learn more. Nevertheless, we suppose that you fulfill the then law comes to unload your videos and favorite films.

2. To turn to the correct format. So that you can reproduce films in your Nintendo Wii, the film or the video must be in one of the following formats: DivX, AVI, MPG or MOV. (Some archives can be already in these formats.) If it is not thus, comes to unload Virtual Dub or Any Converter Video in the network (among others programs video editors) where podras to turn your videos and films into the correct format. 3. To unload Wii Video 9.

This it is the integral program that will serve to you like the program that will reproduce the file in the Wii. This it is a shareware and literally, it only takes minutes abrir. 4. It buys a card SD. At the most great the card is better. But asegrate of which it is at least of 2 GB. These can be found in eBay, or Circuit City or Best Buy. 5. It inserts card SD. It places card SD in your computer and proced to keep the file from video (that would have to be now in the correct format) in card SD. 6. It places card SD in your Nintendo Wii. Next, it places the adjustment in ” Photo Chanel, ” with the controller it comes to press the game, sentarte and to enjoy your favorite film!

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