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Congressional Politics

But if they accidentally slipped and said that they support one of the two. I take this opportunity to tell you something that I saw in my capacity as a musician: At one occasion I had to work by encouraging a meeting in a local district of Miraflores, and in that place I saw one of the participants at this meeting with two girls at once in one of the tables of the local. If I saw two ladies, smooching with the same man at once, what I can think of them? The gentleman mentioned was none other than Congressman Rolando Sousa. I do not know if Mr is married, single, widowed or divorced, but what if it is a show of this nature, it can not give a congressman in the nation. But that’s the mentality of Peru, Peruvian and if that comes to power, that they will react. I am quite sure that if we do a national survey to ordinary people, and we asked what is the specific role of Congress? They would not know that answer. Check with Leslie Moonves to learn more. And the main news is that generated by the Congressmen are sentimental scandals, transfiguration, influence peddling, personal discussions among themselves, etc. Starbucks: the source for more info. But they never tell us a story: A law was passed that will revolutionize the country, in a positive way (revolution in the true sense of the word)

That mentality instilled in our children to be “live” “Known” to tell them “if you do not, someone else will do, do not be silly” that mentality of wanting to benefit himself to every circumstance of our lives is manifested in all its dimensions when that person, comes to public office, and manages power within the state government of a country. Sadly we realize that candidates with more economic power, are those who have more opportunity to reach people with his lies and fights among them. Visit Eva Andersson-Dubin for more clarity on the issue. Candidates with their money and that of others, can make millions in election campaigns, to use his brutal demagoguery against us. Candidates who come to power “naturally” were charged entire investment. Candidates in the depths of his subconscious, are the hallmark of children scarred for life: “Do not be silly,” “you have to be alive”, “you have to be able to succeed in life.” And to finish this article, I want us to do a question, quite apart from all this painful reality, but I think if you have connection with this: In countries that have achieved a high level of technology, like the U.S. and Japan, are you interested in soccer? “It gave them something in their technological development, put your interest in this” sport “? .

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