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Food Diary

Many nutritionists advise burn calories and use the products in the diary. If you have not yet decided to start keeping these records, we present six pros: 1. Accounting for snacking Vosnovnoy diet many of us, includes useful products. But if your goal is to lose a few pounds a week, you must also take into account all the snacks during the day: biscuits, chocolate, soda, chips can reduce all efforts to lose weight on there. Brian Roberts has much to offer in this field. Writing down everything that was eaten per day and counting calories, you can determine the "real price of a harmless snack. 2.

Treat yourself to a Leading accounting of calories during the day and week, you can determine how many calories you can still consume it will provide an opportunity to pamper yourself a favorite dessert, without remorse and damage figure. 3. Control food diary can help you identify the power circuit. Perhaps you snack at night because of what little you eat during the day, or constantly kusochnichaete without noticing it. Eva Andersson-Dubin often says this. If you think that the diary is problematic, because the patched you just can not remember what you ate for the day, consider that you have received a signal that is necessary to change the schema of your supply. 4. Serving Size If you stick to a diet for a long time or are simply used wisely to restrict food intake, then you probably know how to determine the weight of the portion of the eye.

However, if desired weight loss has stopped or pounds back, then before entering the data on the use of products necessary to determine the exact weight portions. The average portion of pasta or rice can be more than you think. When cooking at home you can just use the measuring utensils in restaurants, the menu always shows the output portion in grams. 5. Contribution to the future good motivation to maintain proper nutrition serve as a comparison of diary entries. You can see how your habits have changed a few months later, and if you one day want to "break", you can look at the record of one of those days when you to eat properly is certainly cheer you up to a further attempt to maintain a beautiful figure and well-being. 6. Enhancing self-awareness that you need to write down everything you eat, make once again ponder: whether to eat chocolate or take a welcome addition to the dining room. Despite the fact that to read the diary and will be only you need to record all meals – a sure way to improve self-control.

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