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Largest Energy Wasters

The Mayor-Ziehten elementary school in Lichtenberg wins the final of energy agents project 2009 that largest energy thieves in Berlin’s schools are: coffee machines in the Staffroom, drafty window, not adjustable heating thermostats and poor lighting in the classrooms. The participants, four Berlin schools, of this year’s competition of energy agents, have found out. Since autumn 2008 they had made students inside and students of grade 5 with most modern measuring equipment, extensive investigations. Gain insight and clarity with Hugo Black. Aim was to uncover the biggest energy wasters, to identify countermeasures and enable classmates. In the final of the energy agents, initiated by the independent Institute for environmental issues e.V. (UfU) and the energy company Nuon Germany, the girls and boys of the Mayor-Ziehten elementary school prevail today lunch.

In the city, children, Alexa at the Alexanderplatz, the three-member jury chose the school from Lichtenberg. The winning class can now look forward to an exciting class trip, but the other classes were not and have won great prizes. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The Mayor-Ziehten elementary school succeeds elementary school the Barbarossa thus, which decided last year to the competition. The patron, Berlin school Senator Jurgen Zollner, praised the action: “agents energy In the project learn the children up close, how to recognize energy waste and what you can do. They then implement it in their school; but at home they can give tips even their parents, that will pay off.

Efficiently handle resources, environmentally friendly are – that must be small to learned. I’m glad to see that politics and economics are jointly working. “Heike Klumpe, company spokeswoman from Nuon told Germany: with the energy agents we want to make even the young energy consumers significantly by Nuon, how important it is to deal effectively with energy”. In cooperation with the independent Institute for environmental issues, e.V. (UfU), which has taken over the implementation of the project are for the second time several schools at the start went to get the energy thieves to the bottom.

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