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A cake with fruit can definitely be healthier than a cake that does not contain any produce. So you don’t have to feel as guilty when you eat such a cake. Here is how you do it: Drain the juice from 1 banks compote and fruit – apricots or peaches – recline on Soto. Measure 3 cups of juice, if necessary, adding water and sugar, 4 tablespoons (topless), starch or flour to dissolve 1 cup of fruit juice, then connect with the rest of the juice and boil the cream. 5 fruit peel and mash with a fork until the consistency of mashed potatoes. Put on a good meal one series bishkotov (only need 600 grams bishkotov), filling the space between bishkotov them crumbs, and pour the cream Peninsula, using half the amount. Cream sprinkled with finely crushed almonds or nuts, or finely chopped fruit flavored jam. Top put the other half bishkotov, then pour the remaining sauce and cover the fruit puree Well grind incandescent 100 g of butter with 2 tablespoons sugar pudry.Prigotovit milk cream, using 1 cup of milk, I tablespoon flour and 1 tablespoon sugar. Many writers such as dr chappuis offer more in-depth analysis. Cream to cool, without ceasing to interfere with, and connect with oily cream, gradually adding (1 spoon) chilled cream. Cover cake cooked with cream and shredded posypatk grated chocolate. Instead of cream cake can be covered with whipped cream (200 g). So much for the great recipes.

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